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This is frustrating...

Whenever I try and use the search bar, to find a piece of music, it just takes me to the browse page when I hit “search”. I’m just trying to search for music, and every time I hit the “search” button, it just takes me to the browse page.
Is this a glitch or something? Because even when I scroll down, it doesn’t give me any results for what I searched.

Private Scores visible to everyone - bug?

Hello MuseScore team,

I was recently messaged by someone who was having trouble accessing some of my scores. When they specified which ones they were having trouble seeing, they starting listing off the titles of my *private* scores which I upload to MuseScore so they are backed up safely online. 

I'm not sure how long this has been a feature, but any user of the site can go to anyone's Scores page and see the titles, descriptions and first page of all their private scores. In my opinion, this is neither evident nor acceptable behaviour of the "private upload" feature. These scores should not even be part of my total score count, let alone displayed on my profile.

If this is working as intended, I will be removing my private scores from this site.

Thank you.

Users should not be able to put song titles in descriptions/add a report button on viewable scores.

The amount of times I have seen the "Crab Rave" score is not even a funny at this point. Just because you put song titles in your description doesn't mean that I want to see your score. And the only reason people do that is to only get views. And I feel there should be a limited amount of characters you could put in your descriptions. Also I feel as though Musescore should implement the feature of a report button. It could do some things like report something like putting song titles in descriptions, and after that I will not be able to view for a certain amount of time.

Angel Stories, Anyone?

Does anyone have any angel stories that they would like to share? Stories of you and angels is what I mean.
I don't remember it, but the story has been told multiple times. My family was out in the middle of nowhere and my dad got lost (which is rare). We could find the interstate, and it starting snowing. The snow was so thick that my dad could hardly see the road that had absolutely nobody on it. Suddenly, headlights appeared and a  mountain man drove up in a pickup truck. He asked if we were looking for the interstate and told us to follow his tail lights. When we finally came to a lit up on ramp, the man stopped, pointed and told us something like, "********** is that way, and *********is that way." We told him thank you, and as we drove up the ramp, we watched the truck. The man in the truck went under the on ramp or interstate, and never came out the other side. When we thought about it later, we realized that whatever way (which I can't remember) that man worded it, he knew which way we were going. :D 

New Piano Roll Feature on the

Today marks the release of MuseScore Piano Roll. Piano Roll is a popular and convenient method to display piano notation in a way that not only simplifies learning a new piece for novice musicians who lack a teacher, it also beautifully visualizes each score.

(Video captured from )

Give it a try by simply clicking on the Piano Roll icon now available on all solo piano scores. Be sure to tell us what you think in Improving!

All of these improvements are designed to not only make the most valuable resource online for sharing and discovering great musical works but for learning them as well.

We hope you’ll be as excited about this new feature as we were to create it for you, and as always we look forward to your feedback.

This is just the first of an exciting series of updates and releases for MuseScore PianoRoll; we're already hard at work on improving the experience!

How I went about orchestrating Sonata Pathetique

So, this is an arrangement that I started last year but I had to restart it because my dad's old computer died in January and I couldn't recover my files. This orchestration was one of said files that I could not recover. So I had to start again from scratch. But I wasn't satisfied with my first orchestration draft anyway so it was no big deal.

Beethoven is my favorite composer so it only made sense that I arrange a Beethoven piece. As to how I decided on Sonata Pathetique, well, I am a pianist. An advanced one at that. So it made sense to start with the piano score and expand it. And since my favorite pieces by Beethoven tend to be long pieces, I decided on a piano sonata. But then the question was, which piano sonata? Because I love all of his sonatas. Well my favorite Beethoven sonata is very well known, even by those that aren't Beethoven scholars, and it is in C minor. Yes, it is Sonata Pathetique.

Now how to arrange the sonata was my next question. I only had to listen to the sonata a few times to figure it out. It sounded orchestral in nature. So I decided to arrange it for a symphony orchestra. Now came the hardest part of all, figuring out ideas for my orchestration. I still am doing this because my orchestration is incomplete.

I decided to use the tympani as mainly an accent instrument until I figure out how it can do more than just add an accent. So I have been reading orchestration manuals. Here are the ideas I came up with for the introduction:

I decided against having the viola as a high bass after some thinking because I figured that it should add to the melody instead. But most of my initial ideas, I did indeed do. And like I said, I used the tympani for an accent. With the apotheosis, as the creschendo was occuring, I added more and more instruments to bring it closer to a full orchestral texture. 

Now when it came to the Allegro, there were really 2 distinct sections to me. Those being the first theme and the second theme + closing material. Since the second theme had its bass line in the treble clef, I decided to change the instrumentation there. In the Allegro, there were multiple places where I alternated between no woodwinds other than contrabassoon and full woodwind section. 

But in the first theme, I have the double basses, cellos, contrabassoon, and bassoons playing different parts of the bass line. In the second theme, because the bass line went into treble clef and the bass register became melodic in nature, I had to think of what instrument would suit this higher bass line. 

Since I wanted to provide contrast, I didn't think about using the tenor register of either the cello or the bassoon. And besides, those are more suited for solos. I then immediately had an idea, well actually 3, 1 for each section of the orchestra not including percussion. But I decided on using the French Horns for the bass line because I felt like they needed their own point of stardom, where they wouldn't be drowned out by the trumpets, trombones, and tuba. That and their wide range made me decide on using the French Horn.

After several weeks of writing down the notes + a whole month of figuring out ideas for my orchestration, I reached the end of the exposition and started working on the development section. But then I reached this writer's block in my orchestration so I have taken a break from it. Here is the result of those 2 months of orchestrating Sonata Pathetique:

And I have no idea why it is in the Game of Thrones category other than it was determined during the upload on April 13. I mean, I don't think Beethoven pieces were actually used in Game of Thrones(not that I know the music of Game of Thrones) and I saw no relation in the name to anything that is from Game of Thrones. So I honestly have no clue why it is in that category. Strings would be a more appropriate category because that at least makes more sense for an orchestral score.


Hello and welcome to 1000+ Comment Discussions and Meaningful Conversations! If you have a better name or a nickname for the group, please let me know xD

Please go over the rules in this group’s description and make sure to follow each one. One of the rules I feel should be most repeated is Rule #4. If you spam a group that does not say “SPAM ALLOWED”, the comments or even the entire discussion will be taken down.

Please feel free to introduce yourselves here and begin posting discussions. They can be on any topic (ex. debates, icebreakers, games, spam, etc.).

Want to role play

Since this group is for talking and role playing, I figured I should start it. When posting make sure to post as a comment and not a reply. Please do not go overboard or post anything not 18+ or any weird romantic stuff unless it’s contributing to overall story *cough* musicfox *cough*

Here’s the start. It’s in a tavern in some fantasy medieval village. A few people are having a drink of rum or something.

I’ll be the guy who works at the place. You start.

Guys, we got this.

So I just ranted about this in a comment, then figured it deserved its own discussion... Jay and John's Challenges LIVES! Yes, @Legendian is leaving, and @Jaybird1 probably can't run a group this involved on his own... but look at the title! Jay and John's Challenges! This is a challenge! If a few other people are willing to help out, this competition group will see its best days yet! Obligatory sniff for Legendian's departure, of course, but after that, let's get straight back into it! I, for one, can't wait for the June challenge! Who's with me?