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New Piano Roll Feature on the

Today marks the release of MuseScore Piano Roll. Piano Roll is a popular and convenient method to display piano notation in a way that not only simplifies learning a new piece for novice musicians who lack a teacher, it also beautifully visualizes each score.

(Video captured from )

Give it a try by simply clicking on the Piano Roll icon now available on all solo piano scores. Be sure to tell us what you think in Improving!

All of these improvements are designed to not only make the most valuable resource online for sharing and discovering great musical works but for learning them as well.

We hope you’ll be as excited about this new feature as we were to create it for you, and as always we look forward to your feedback.

This is just the first of an exciting series of updates and releases for MuseScore PianoRoll; we're already hard at work on improving the experience!

Serious issues with the "Set" feature.

2 issues.

1. I can't seem to reliably edit my sets and the order of the scores - there is a drag and drop option but most of the time it doesn't register, and I just end up highlighting part of the page.

2. When I save changes, when I can actually manage to change the order, it doesn't save the changes after pressing the "save" button.

Curious if anyone else has this issue or not.

Need help

So I'm currently transposing a Dearly Beloved (From Kingdom Hearts)Saxaphone Quartet to a Clarinet Quartet (the first quartet you find in here), and I'm the only one that is going to play, Is there a good app for an Android device (because I'm not a professional and I don't have dem mics) that allows me to combine recordings?
Thanks in advance

Generations of MuseScore

I know that there are a lot of peeps on MuseScore, some old and new, and I thought it would be fun to see what generation everyone is from.

I don't know if I have this right, but has been around since 2011? Dat right? So I guess 2011 would consist of 1st gen. late 2011-early 12 would be 2nd gen, late 2012- early 13 is 3rd gen and late 2013- early 14 is 4th gen. WHAT GENERATION ARE YOU FROM? XD

Please change your update process

 I have an ASUS K01B running running Android 5.0.2 (the latest version offered).  I have commented on the app before, sometimes positively, sometimes with problems. At the moment nearly every new update has problems. The current version, 2.4.10, if I am right, crashes immediately after switching to the page view mode and then choosing playback. Many previous versions were about as unstable, with sometimes a positive exception.
As I would like to be able to use the app and rely on it to work, this situation is really annoying. I should like to go back to a version that works for me and keep that, rather than having some ill-tested update replace it every week. Good SW-engineering practice will e.g. provide alpha and beta versions.
Sorry, I really used to like MuseScore (esp. the old "Songbook" app) and have been using it a lot, but I now have the feeling I will have to find another solution.