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Please change your update process

 I have an ASUS K01B running running Android 5.0.2 (the latest version offered).  I have commented on the app before, sometimes positively, sometimes with problems. At the moment nearly every new update has problems. The current version, 2.4.10, if I am right, crashes immediately after switching to the page view mode and then choosing playback. Many previous versions were about as unstable, with sometimes a positive exception.
As I would like to be able to use the app and rely on it to work, this situation is really annoying. I should like to go back to a version that works for me and keep that, rather than having some ill-tested update replace it every week. Good SW-engineering practice will e.g. provide alpha and beta versions.
Sorry, I really used to like MuseScore (esp. the old "Songbook" app) and have been using it a lot, but I now have the feeling I will have to find another solution.

Musescore (Disney) Cracking Down On Copyright?

So I recently went to check on my Pirates of the Caribbean Medly and got this message:
"This score is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Walt Disney Music Company."
This has never happened to me, has it happened to anyone else?
And furthermore, why did they take that down and not my Disney Epic Medley (I mean, it has more songs to it so technically greater violation.)
Has anyone else seen more monitoring/ enforcement of copyright besides me?