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Thanks for the invite!

So I was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome at age 12. We played this game at a church youth group where you wrote something no one knew about yourself and it was placed in a bin and drawn at random. Well guess what I chose? Unfortunately I didn't know how to spell it right..... soooooo I spelled it the way it sounds. YES. I did. 

Come time the teacher drew the card, and of course, she knew it was me....
Then she told everyone.
They cracked up laughing
I felt like I wanted to die...
Luckily though she didn't say it was me xd

Touch and sensory

So, it's autism awareness month, the time where we all die because people go around pretending they know about autism. 

In class, there's a lot of stuff that really bothers me. It's too loud or too bright and whenever I play with a fidget toy (my personal favorite being the hexaflexagon) someone notices and asks me about it. It's hard to explain. Also people will touch me and I'll just instantly flinch away. Any way I can stop this? Or explain I hate touch without offending anyone?

The Second and Third Place Winners Are...

G. B. Wanscher: Né'Alhru'unduun'yeh - Arrangement for Jay and Jhon's March Challenge

Keystring Composer: Spring - The Awakening

Congratulations guys! Both of these pieces were amazing!

G. B. Wanscher, I loved your piece. Personally, it captured a spring thunderstorm which is what I love. Excellent work.

Keystring Composer, your piece was amazing. I loved that magical spring feeling that you obviously captured. Amazing!

Keep up the great work guys!


G.B. Wanscher: Loved your peace! Although, the slow feeling didn't resonate with me with having a Spring feeling. Other than that it was great!

Keystring Composer: You captured a magical essence in your song! Loved it!


Fake News & the Mueller Report - (C)

So we just got the Mueller report in and it turns out President Trump did not collude with Russia during the 2016 election contrary to the 2 full years of media coverage to the contrary. So what do you all think about the prevalence of fake news and bias in our country, and are the news anchors who were apart of spreading the lies going to be held accountable?

By the way, I am NOT a full fledged Trump supporter. I don't like the language he uses a lot of the time (although I don't disagree with many of his policies). Also I'm independent and am trying to look into both sides. However I think it is kind of ironic that the media shouted "collusion" and Trump said "NO!" and the media said "HE SAID NO THAT MEANS HE'S LYING IF HE HAD SOMETHING TO HIDE HE WOULD SAY NO" and then turns out he wasn't lying. 

Bug report for Musescore 2.3.0

It seems with this version is impossible to add a score to my SongBook. I tried the two methods that worked in previous versions:
1. Open in Musescore (from Gdrive or any other cloud app).
2. Drag and drop via Airdrop from my Mac to my iPad.
In both cases, nothing happens (well, with Airdrop there is a small flash saying "copying", but nothing is copied). 
I reinstalled the app from the Appstore, only to see my previous scores in my SongBook are gone...
Thanks a lot for your work!