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Musecorps Competition #0.1!

Just a reminder that if you're planning on submitting something for the competition, the deadline is tomorrow. A lot of you have commented, but nobody has submitted yet. Is anyone planning on submitting something? And if so, should I push the deadline back by a few days?

Thanks for any feedback!

Can't delete (blank out) comment that has been replied to any more.

This was possible until today; it left an empty comment, but now does nothing.  If you try to delete the text of the comment, the "Save" button goes away. If you put a blank line in and press "Save", the page hangs, and if you reload it, nothing has changed.  Being able to delete things you said is really important. Please stop breaking things that work.

Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course

Hi, I'm Marc Sabatella, Director of Education for MuseScore.  I would like to invite you to check out the new resource I have developed to teach you to use MuseScore most effectively.  It is called Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course, and it covers everything from the basics to the most advanced features, with over one hundred individual lessons containing more than nine hours of video in all.  It is quite simply the most clear and thorough training of its kind!

You can find more information here:

Go Pro main instrument

What are the implications of choosing an instrument?  I have half a dozen "main" instruments and another dozen "secondary" instruments, so after choosing piano just to see what would happen next, there doesn't appear to be a way to change that selection.  So just wondering what the implications are and if everything here is geared to choosing a main instrument or not as I have several that I consider main.

Playback issues! please help

I have created beautiful colorful score. Each notes match the color’s of my kids bells perfectly. My children are small and need a little extra help keeping rhythm. In the past I had huge posters of sheet music and I would point at the notes when it was time for them to ring the bells. But I’m tired of starring at a poster board, I want to look at my children and encourage them. So I dreamed of creating digital sheet music that would indicate which note to play as the music scrolled. This is where Musescore falls short. When I click the playback on muse score (to try to do a screen recording) the highlight of the playback cursor changes my colored notes to blue. This is rather confusing. I wanted the notes colored… but now they are changing to blue when the cursor gets to the note. Not only that but when the music is supposed to scroll it doesn’t scroll until the next note is out of sight of the screen. I need the music to scroll as soon as it finishes the first line so the next line of music is always in view. Or if it is on continues play It should scroll and keep all played notes disappearing to left and as many unplayed notes as possible in view to the right.
I’m willing to work and learn but I’m new to all this. I was able to understand enough to change the colors of the colored note plugin to match my bell’s colors… but I’m afraid I have no idea where to find any info on the scrolling and playback highlight issue. 

Musecorps Competition #0!

Hello everyone! The 2018 Drum Corps season is over, and I figured it was time for me to start this group up again. Therefore, I've decided to hold the first competition that I talked about in this groups' other post!

This first competition is basically a test. It's just for fun, you could say. If enough people participate, I'll hold another one in the future, and possibly include some level of prizes. Just depends on how many people participate!

The Competition:
I thought we'd start off easy. Create a drum corps style arrangement from any piece (s) written by Ludwig van Beethoven. The arrangement should be longer than one minute in length, but no more than three. You can include percussion if you want, but just brass would be alright too! When you have something completed, post it to MuseScore and post a link to it in a comment on this post. I'll live submissions open until a week from today, Tuesday 9/18 at around 2:00 PM EST.

If you have any comments or questions, leave them below!

msc-Dateien unter Android nutzen (Songbook-App Android?)

(Frage umgezogen von  Startseite > Forums > Allgemeine Fragen und Probleme)

Wenn ich unten im Musecore-Fenster (auf unter Apps auf Android klicke (Link:, werde ich zum Playstore weitergeleitet und dort gibt es Musescore (für Android) und Musescore Beta, aber kein Songbook.
Nach dem, was ich bisher hier gelesen habe, brauche ich das  (kostenpflichtige) Songbook, um msc-Dateien auf dem Tablet/Smartphone  nutzen zu können (ohne sie von musescore herunterzuladen). Stimmt das  nicht mehr? Geht das jetzt mit der Musescore-App? Geht das gar nicht  mehr?

(Und ergänzt nach der Antwort im anderen Forum:)
Ich nutze zwar schon länger Musescore, aber hatte bisher, soweit ich mich erinnere, noch nie das Songbook, jedenfalls ganz sicher nicht auf dem Gerät, wo ich jetzt die msc-Dateien hören möchte. Die Musescore-App habe ich (neu) installiert.

(Do I have to translate my question?)