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MuseScore Android 2.0.4 : Still a complete mess with Tablature

• The font is still low quality (like a low resolution scan)
• Stave texts overlap with the stave and with each other
• Stems and beams are a mess, often missing hooks and dots
• Coloured fret numbers are rendered as black


These scores display perfectly on the web, in the desktop version and in Android Songbook but are a mess in Android MuseScore. On a positive note, the user interface looks good and the mini score previews look correct, (including stems, beams, dots and colour!)

[New Feature] The new Notifications feature!

Hi all!

Today we are launching a new Notifications feature on

We have had a lot of requests for this function. On the Dashboard, you see a lot of news from groups and users which you subscribed for. But even if you're using the site every day, you might have missed some important events: new comments on your scores, @mentions, new discussions in groups you belong to, etc. 

Now when you visit, you'll see the new bell icon in the upper-right hand corner which indicates the number of Notifications waiting for you. If you click on the icon, you'll see a list of your 20 most recent events, with links to each one. This ensures you won't miss events related to your personal activities.

Currently, you will receive a notification when:

  • You have a new subscriber
  • User added your score to their Favorites.
  • User replied to your Discussion.
  • User replied to your comment in a Discussion.
  • You've been @mentioned in a Discussion.
  • User added a comment to one of your scores.
  • User replied to your comment on a score.
  • You have been @mentioned in a score's comments.
  • There is a new Discussion in a Group you own.
  • New user joined one of your Groups.
  • New Join Request for one of your Groups.
  • You have been invited to join a Group.
  • Your Join Request has been approved.
  • A score of yours has been uploaded to Youtube.

To avoid excessive Notifications, we are grouping together multiple ones of the same type.

What's next? We're going to:
  • Update the list of possible Notifications.
  • Add a settings interface to manage Notifications.
  • Add an opportunity to subscribe to the email notification with missed events. 
  • Add an opportunity to subscribe to Desktop Notifications.
  • Add an opportunity to see older notifications

We hope that these changes will be helpful and improve your experience.

We are open to your feedback! If you find a bug or have another suggestion, please don't hesitate to post it inside the Improving Group.

P.S. My personal review: I tested it over the last few days and found it very helpful. My experience with the site now is much better than before, and I found a lot of missed comments, mentions and discussion which I should review. I hope you'll find it as helpful as I did.

P.P.S. At this moment notifications counter can be displayed with 5 minutes delay.

MuseScore Café - October 24. 2018

Tune in Wednesday at 12:30 Eastern time (16:30 GMT) for this week's edition of the MuseScore Café:

Topic of the day: MuseScore and music education. MuseScore is already the #1 choice of music students, and now schools are starting to come on board too. Let's talk about ways I can help you and your school succeed in using MuseScore!
MuseScore Director of Education Marc Sabatella presents a regular series of free live interactive chat sessions on a variety of topics, via streaming video. Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and join in the conversation!

For the ultimate video help on using MuseScore, check out Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course:

Accept immediate payment

I am really surprised you don't do this....  Anyway, I just got $56 for some old royalty check deposited into my account.  And I was like, what the heck I will just pay for Musescore for the year. 
But I can't.  Its kind of silly, to deny my impulsive purchase.

So now I have purchased a bunch of SciFi Books and a second music pedal for my keyboard on Amazon.

But my initial attempt was to give you guys the $50 bucks.  

New äpp: controls unusable after orientation change

With the new äpp (this time, the correct version), when the rotation changes while a score is playing, playback continues, and 2–3 seconds afterwards, the screen representation has also caught up, but the controls are unusable: the “jump to beginning” one still works, for example, but the “pause” one becomes a “play” button that does nothing, so the playback can only be stopped by hitting the back button (changing orientation back also doesn’t fix it).

A possible awful lurking problem - crash+start center.


I had a crash (win10) just after I had added a few lines to my previously saved score.
When rebooted, Musescore offered to recover my score after crash. I did open it, it had 2 missing bars but it was all right as expected.

I spent about 5 hours and added some 5 pages.. hard and tedious work. Then saved, exported it to pdf, uploaded both to my drive. All good and safe.
Closed Musescore, left the PC running. Went to sleep.
Opened the score next day from the "start centre" window.
Now it had only the lines left that were there BEFORE the crash the day before.
The save file was ok - when opened from the explorer.
If I only had changed the title or something, I could have saved the old file over the correct one. Hence "lurking" problem...

To confirm this behaviour, I should test it with unplugging my computer...but don't want to do that really:) So just in case, check this out yourself.

Have a nice day,

How to add this type of note?

Hi there!

I'm trying to digitise a hymn by entering the music into MuseScore, but I've come unstuck with this type of hovering note (I don't know it's proper name!):

The note circled in red on the left is what I'm trying to add, the notes on the right is what I've already entered.

I'm sure it's just a case of pressing another button before adding the extra notes, but I've not managed to find that button yet, despite lots of fiddling!

Many thanks for your help  :-)