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Alerts for Favorited Scores

Hi all,

I very much enjoy the new alert feature, except for one facet of it. The notifications for comments on favorited scores are beginning to be kind of a bane for me. I consider it a tad misleading, since I think it's a comment or favorite on my own score.

I'm not sure how others feel about this, but I certainly wouldn't mind eliminating this particular alert.

Thank you!

Should there be a cool down time limit for pros to add scores to groups?

Over the last day two members of the site have added a high volume of scores to groups and it has filled my dash past what it should. One added 19 scores, and another 24 scores... 

Is that really a necessary  thing to do all at once, or all in one day? 

This may have been brought up before but their seems to be no solution? Or a divide. I can't remember. 

But I think one solution would be a cool down time period that would stop the flush of scores to one or a few groups. Bombarding the dash of innocent members. Who have probably seen these scores before the adding to groups. Which to be honest were probably added before hand and taken out and re added back in. 

While I am on that subject I think there should also be an option for the mod of a group to have a set up to where a member can only add a score to a group once... Which would stop the abuse of people adding a score, removing it and re-adding it. 

As for the cool down time maybe 1 score every hour or 6 hours or 12 hours something like that. I mean I've been pro I know they can add and remove unlimited amounts to unlimited groups. I never added to groups because I felt if people liked my music they would come to me... 

Another solution I just thought of as I was typing is to condense these things as in when someone adds these things as you all have fixed it to where it says blank added blank score to blank groups. It should say blank added blank scores not just score to blank groups... 

I know this stuff happens rarely so it's nothing huge of a deal. But there should be some solutions in place 43 scores is a lot to sift through to get to see more things on my dash... Just saying, not to be rude... 

More spam comments in the last few weeks


I don't know if anyone has noticed this as well but it seems like there have been more spam comments in the last few weeks. Until half a year ago, there were no spam comments at all but lately, I've been seeing a lot of them.
Isn't there any possibility to filter them, especially if they are really excessive like the last one on my score "Anime Medley" with more than twenty lines and with lots of use of curse words?


musescore need synthesia function.

i hope u understand my english. sorry i'm not goot at english^^
well i'm beginner at piano and recently i knew musescore 2 and synthesia.
musescore site and program is amazing!
but as a beginner i need some function like synthesia.
in synthesia, when i put right note, i can play another note.
if musescore program has same function in playback mode, it'll helpful to beginners!
plz make this function in musescore 2^^
thanks for reading :)

Responsive embedding

Hi, everyone!  The embed code for embedding a score into a web page does not work when viewed on a mobile phone.  I have viewed the content in both mobile Safari and mobile Chrome, and you cannot see the entire score.  I saw a thread in another discussion where someone else confirms this behavior, but there has been no resolution.  Any ideas?  

Too many unnecessary discussions in groups

More than half of the discussions in an average MuseScore group are just about requesting feedback from others or advertising for the own music. In my opinion, this is not what the "Discussions"-function was made for. 
On the one hand, I understand that one wants feedback for his scores. There's nothing more frustrating than having no attention for your scores. 
On the other hand, I find it annoying to scroll through discussions and have nothing else to watch than advertisements. Isn't that what the "Add to group"-function was made for?

More Thorough Statistics Sorting

I've wanted my "Top Scores for [Insert Day Here]", when sorted by Views/Plays/Downloads/etc., to actually show me my most viewed/played/downloaded/etc. scores of that day, in order from most to least--not just the existing scores in the list sorted in that order.

In particular, I see spikes in the day's downloads increasingly often, then see that the total downloads in my "Top Scores for..." list be nowhere close to my total downloads for that day, even after sorting the list by Downloads. I strongly suspect that several of my scores hit by such download sprees have 0 views, 0 plays, and several downloads that day, so they never appear in the "Top Scores for..." list, not even after repeated clicks to re-randomize the bottom of the list among the remaining "most hit" scores.

Who else wants to see such a more thorough Statistics sorting? Or am I the lonely one?

I can't upload my score

 I've been working on a composition of mine for months and now ı cannot upload my score/task, whenever ı try to upload it; it's loading, loading , loading and nothing more. After a day, ı always see this "no page found" warning. I even tried to create another account and also ı've tried to copy and paste all the notes to a new empty page. Still can't upload. I don't if it's website- wide isue but hope you can find a solution for my problem, thank you... 

Cannot login as Pro without payïng again!

With the new update V.2.1.5 (17 dec. 2018) I need to accept payïng first again for a yearly subscription while I'm already Pro user. Previously I could choose for directly login. Again this update was not present in my 12.1 iOS but in my 10.3 iOS (which I never update carefully preserving my V.1.13). You really cannot expect me payïng again before I can open the app. Additionally I don't want to accept an automatic yearly subscription for an app which is untill now completely useless for me. I really will help testing new updates but not if this every time is new dissapointement. You need to solve this first.

Is this site long for this world?

The fact that there has basically been no staff response for a week to growing complaints about fundamental problems in uploading and playing scores leads me to wonder whether UG is in the process of writing off the site and closing it at New Year's.  Of course, all organizations that go belly up say "Our commitment is strong! Don't doubt it!" right up until the fateful day.  I have no other explanation for why the staff is unresponsive.

Unable to Select Measures While Viewing Score

Redirected from the forum.

For some reason, while viewing most scores on the website, I was unable to select (via left-clicking) a measure, be it for skipping to a section later on in the score or to just replay a certain measure.

In this score (, I was able to select a measure.  The red highlight around the measure appears, like I expected it to.  Hovering over measures shows what measure number it is, i.e. normal behaviour.

However, in this other score (, I am unable to replicate any of those actions.  Hovering over measures does nothing and I am seemingly unable to interact with them at all.

I have tried clearing my browser's cookies, as well as its cached images and files, but to no avail.

Attempting to research a solution for this led to me finding answers for the MuseScore application instead of the website.

How should I solve this problem?