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YCOO - very badly needing English Horns, Violas and Double Basses!!!

Hello everyone.
You may already heard about us. We're the Young Composers' Online Orchestra ("YCOO"). Recently, we've started a new project - we're gonna play Elliot Butler's Drama for Orchestra No. 6.

In the process of preparing the parts for our members, we found out that we don't have any English Horns, Violas and Double Basses!

If you can play one (or more :P) of those instruments, please consider joining us either forever, or for the current project only. You could save a LOT of effort and hope we're all giving in our orchestra.

Have a great day,
Milan Steklý, moderator of the YCOO

I got Crabs

I have made so many Crab Rave remixes, with only half of them being good, but for the most part the notes are accurate, I have just changed instruments and/or key signatures. I am not tired of listening to it, but I am tired of hearing my bad remixes, which I am out of ideas for.
Does anybody want a remix of Crab Rave for here? I can do whatever MuseScore Lets me do. (Including much more than changing instruments)
btw I have not posted any of my mixes, I have run out of room and I don't want to upgrade yet

Attention! Message from Phia_Jo!

Hey Guys! it's Phia_Jo. I just wanted to tell you why I'm leaving before I leave for good, and to say bye to you all.
I'm leaving because my parents don't approve of me talking on the internet. I was upset so I deleted my accounts without giving anyone an explanation. Sorry about that.😬
I do have another account that I'm going to continue to use for sheet-music and that I used to send Diana this message. But, as of today I will not use the community again.
I'm going to miss you all so much! Thanks for being such great friends.
And I'm going to give you all a shout out 'cause you guys rock.

CountryHomes: Thank you so much for being such a nice, encouraging, and funny person! I'm gonna miss you.

Joseph.C.Thaggard: Thank you sop much for being someone I could talk to, for not thinking I'm crazy, and for the hugs. I'll miss you.

Ryanne14: I'm gonna miss pulling pranks with you Diana!

HalfStep: Bye! I guess you never got the chance to kill me. shame. I'm going to miss you and your dark humor!

Jaybird1: Bye Jay! You've always been so nice to me, thank you for that. Annnnd I still think you're a bird.

Lizzapie: Thank you for being such a sweet and awesome person! (I'm a grumpy old troll, who lives under a bridge! xD)

Rebecca Y: I'll miss you evil dictator!

ImSoSaxy: Thanks or making me laugh.

Bopple: For driving me insane, thank you. :P

mnmwert: Bye Meeka! You are an incredible composer and player. Keep sharing your gifts!

EthanHarris: For always being a friendly user.

There are so many more of you that I'm going to miss talking to. Thank you for being great people and keep sharing your amazing talents. <3 

Repetition in songs...


I am new to this chat, because I'm a decent composer........ I think (I hope I am), and well I have a problem of using so much repetition in songs, as well as composing my songs in the most basic structure (using a four measure melody, drive, etc. to base it off of).
I usually think my songs are okay but they always seem to have this problem.

Any thoughts or solutions?

Join the official Discord server!

Hello everyone.
I've notice that some new people joined us. It's awesome! Thank you, guys!!!
However, join our Discord server if you haven't already, please. Otherwise, you may miss some important things that are happening in the YCOO, such as the new project we're starting right now!

You can join us through the Interest Form:

Have a great day,
Milan Steklý, moderator of the YCOO