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Musescore's 'Save Online' button does not update custom audio.

I have no idea if this is happening to anybody else that uses custom audio. But I made some changes to my recent score and the custom audio is the same as it was when I first published the piece. There's no 'update audio button' or anything like that nor do I know if the score's custom audio is supposed to update. But when I playback in the software it works just fine but when I update it online from the software the audio does not update with the score. If there's a solution to this please let me know or else it's just a bug in the new update or something??

Logo "YouTube Video"

I notice that after associating a "Youtube" video with the "Add an Audio Source" function
- "Add an Audio track" -> URL "YouTube" -> "Save"
Instantly, on the "My Profile" page, the score is marked with a logo, red arrow "YouTube".
while in the "Add an Audio Source" function I have not yet checked the -> "Default audio Source" button.
This logo should only appear after checking the "Default audio Source" option,
because it is often necessary to adjust the automatically placed synchronization markers first. These are not always at the right tempo, "accelerento",, "fermata", "ritardando" etc...
Another anomaly:
If, once the synchronization markers have been adjusted, I select the 2 buttons " -> "Default audio Source" and -> "Audio only", then the score no longer has the logo, red arrow "YouTube".
Abnormal! Abnormal!


I want to start uploading audio files of my music on Distrokid, but I have a question.
Would it be copyright infringement for using the playback feature with a soundfont(sontina symphonic)? I would personally consider it fair-use at most because it is sampled and I am not selling the soundfont.
What are your thoughts?