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Player on the Score page. How do you use it?

Hi, everyone!

I have a question for you about a player on a Score page. Please, tell me how do you use it? What functions are important to you? For example, “When I learn a new score, I open it and turn off all the extra parts. Then I change the tempo of playback depending on the complexity of the notes section. And I often use the loop.”

I will be very very grateful for your stories!

Verknüpfte Notenzeilen

Guten Abend,

ich bin neu im Forum und bin auch neu im Umgang mit Musescore2. Auch neu ist, daß ich seit Kurzem mich an der Ukulele versuche. Positiv bewerte ich, daß es diese Tabs gibt, die das Griffmuster auf der Ukulele abbilden. Noten kenne ich und habe auch Noten von einem anderen Instrument. Und nun möchte ich u.a. diese Noten in die Grifftabelle umsetzen. Mir ist es auch klar, daß man Noten auf dem Instrument lernen sollte. Aber eben die schnellen Erfolge reizen und deshalb meine Frage:

Ich schaffe es nicht, eine Tabulatur für die Ukulele zu erstellen, die mit der normalen Notenzeile verbunden ist. Ziel ist - in der normalen Notenzeile die Noten einzutragen und in der unteren Zeile werden die Griffe abgebildet. Kann mir Jemand das idio....sicher erklären? Es muß wirklich Schritt für Schritt sein. Danke für Eure Bemühungen und verzeiht meine Begriffsstutzigkeit.

Einen schönen Abend

billing Information problem - Expected a signed JWT for security??

I'm Yi-Cheng
This account isn't my Original account.
My account has some problem about billing Information.
If I log in my main, the box about billing information is blocking me from doing anything, 

like this picture↓↓↓

Even I rewrite my billing information,
It appear this " Expected a signed JWT for security "
Can you tell me how to solve this problem??

Chen Yi-Cheng

Maximum size for uploads?

Hi everyone, 

So I have a collection of pieces that recently hit 167 pages, 615 KB. I tried updating it (It's an existing score) and it seemed to be stuck at the loading screen. It also disappeared from my spotlight pieces and when I tried accessing it musescore says that the page doesn't exist. So I am wondering now if there's a size limit on the biggest file we can upload.

Here's the score: 

MuseScore version in the information about each score

I believe we need a way to show which MuseScore version the scores on have been made (last saved and rendered) with.

It should show in the same place as the duration, key signature, instrumentation, number of pages, etc. are listed. And for all scores, not jist those uploaded after this gets implemented, With 3.0 coming up this becomes even more important. It should take the information from the scores (the mscx inside the mscz) directly, at least (here for 3.0) ` Program Version: 3.0.0`, better also `Program Revision: 2b25396` or (for 1.x) `Program Version: 1.2` and also `Program Revision: 5470`. 

Audio Sources no longer update. Any progress?

Sorry to bring this issue up again, but I just wanted a discussion where I can hopefully get the attention of the Admins, Tech guys or someone with authority on this issue, to hopefully find out know if it's being worked on.

TL;DR, Audio sources can sync up with markers, but they do not save, thus making the feature useless and my and others desire to continue using Musescore quite low until this is resolved. P.S. personally almost every single one of my scores uses a Audio source, therefore it's especially disabling for me.