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Just to start out, I am a worship leader at my church and have no piano background. I am currently putting together a Christmas program at my church and some of the sheet music we download from praise charts are not in the correct key. My volunteers cite read but cannot transpose music. I started a free trial of musescore in hopes that I would be able to transpose my music with this program. Is there anyone in this group that could inform me if there is a way to transpose this music I have with this program? the sheet music I get from praise charts are a pdf file. 

Just finished my first piece in sonata form, written for piano. Advices, comments, and help are welcomed.

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To me, the music is almost finished. Many thanks to all the comments to the previous versions.
I am willing to revise according to your kind advices. If possible, please keep an eye on those thick chords. Do any of them can be arranged in a better way?
I still have some problems with the notation. In the present version, I am using a lot of invisible dynamic and tempo marks, which probably should be represented by some articulation marks. Also, do not hesitate to point out the strange mistakes in notation. Since I am self-taught in composing and unable to play piano, these mistakes probably are not errors, but something I do not know.

I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!

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I really need some help with another song that im going to make about christmas. It's gonna be called Ornaments in A Christmas Tree. And i dont know how it should sound or whatever b/c my 1st christmas song i made didnt sound good to some people and i really need yall help if yall can. Plz and thank u!