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Discussion Comment Timers Out of Sync?

Here is the group discussions page at 11:55 AM
The comment timer below the top discussion (Demon Hunters - Freezing Return) says that a comment was made 5 seconds before the page was loaded last.

This is the same discussion shown in the sub-sidebar on the right less than 3 minutes later.
This one says that a comment was made 16 minutes ago.

There appears to be a large discrepancy between the two timers, with the one in the sidebar being the only reliable one. Do they use separate scripts?


If anyone could critique my new (and first) original concert band piece titled "wheels of relentlessness," that would be highly appreciated. If you can, please share anything i can do to improve my composing abilities in the future. Thank you.

Lost my score


I'm not entirely sure this qualifies for this group, but I'm thinking that maybe someone who's a lot better with computers and the technical workings of this program can help me.

So I was working on a score and I had to do a few others things, saving the score but leaving the program open - suddenly my computer restarted/rebooted and now the file is still in existence, but I can't open it. Can someone help me try to find it/fix it, please? It was almost done and it'll suck so hard if I have to remake the entire thing, as I've been working on it for quite some time now...

Thank you! Leaving comments is improved with new interface.

I just wanted to mention one of the features of the new interface that is an improvement, since most of the comments are complaints.
It is very nice now when adding a comment to a score that you can finish a comment and save it without interrupting the flow of the music you are commenting on. Previously, when we saved a comment, that automatically ended the music at that point, making us either a) wait until we were finished listening to post the comment, or b) re-start the music stream once the comment had been left.
Thank you.

Logged-out home page inconsistencies

When logged in, redirects to the dashboard, but otherwise, it's simply the website home page. Two things here are different from the rest of the site:

- There is a button to "sign" instead of "log" in.
- The page footer seems to be a relic from before the site redesign, with a different color scheme, different font sizes, and even different ordering of links (see