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more specific classifications or tags

Hi, the success of musecore brings more and more music sheets into the libary.
What  about  more specific classifications or tags within the instrument  groups like "classic adaption" , "Duett",  "Trio" ,  "new /own composition" , "folk adaption"...
For me right now, I give up , because it is too hard to skip through over 4000 guitar pieces to find current compositions.
cheers Stefan

YouTube Audio Source Disallows Seeking

When a score uses YouTube audio source, I cannot jump to any positions or the music stops and is never able to resume.  If that happens, I can only refresh the page to reload everything, which is annoying.  A workaround is to pause before seeking, then unpause.  That seems to work, but nevertheless cumbersome.  Can this be fixed?  I am not sure if it's more of a YouTube issue or MuseScore issue.  It didn't happen before until a couple months ago, and no one seems to have cared?


I am most intrigued by the quality of the
"Noteworthy" audio playback. I see that it interfaces with Sibelius and Dorico but no mention of Musescore. Please explain why the Musescore system cannot work with Noteworthy. If this is being worked on, please advise as to when it will be completed.

[New Feature] New privacy settings and an option to limit score downloads

Hi everybody!

Our content contributors are Musescore's most valuable asset. And one of the most important and frequent issues that our contributors encounter are confidentiality and copyright protection.

Today I want to present two important updates that we have launched.

1. New privacy settings

Previously, had two privacy settings for scores: Private and Public.
Public scores were available to everyone. Private ones had limited access. However, they could be published with the help of embed player or shared with direct links to them. So basically, Private scores were only partially private. This is why these scores were subject to general rules, including copyright.

This is why we decided to change the old system. We renamed Private to Unlisted, and the new (100% private) setting is now called Private. The new Private scores can not be shared in any way. This setting is suitable if the only person who is going to work with the score is yourself. This setting fully ensures the privacy of your data.

2. A new Pro-feature: Prevent anybody from downloading your scores.

We noticed that the authors who post arrangements to often express a wish to prevent other users from downloading their scores. The reason behind this is their concern for plagiarism.

Starting today, allows authors to Prevent anybody from downloading their scores. This feature is only available to Pro users and works in a test mode. We hope that this change will improve our contributors' experience, and yet will not cause to stop distributing scores.

We feel like it is necessary to notice that the scores that prohibit downloads are less interesting for users. Therefore, they may receive fewer views than similar scores without this restriction. So think twice before using this option. In the future, these scores will be separated from the others in the lists and search results, so that the user could quickly identify it without actually clicking on it.

If you face any issues with the new features, please makes sure to notify us in the comments. 

Thank you for your attention!

Guitar Tabs: frame around each number? Also zooming doesn't work.


I have just installed the app and was very hopeful to make this my standard practising aid, but I have right away encountered two serious issues.

1. When displaying guitar tabs, every number is enclosed by a frame, which (a) does not look like it does on the PC version of MuseScore and (b) is _really_ hard to read. Please, make it look like it does on the paper and remove that frame, this is otherwise not useful for practising at all :-/

2. Zooming the score does not work at all. I can hit that "+", it will indicate that it reloads the score, but looks exactly the same afterwards. Same happens when I want to zoom out by hitting "-". On top of that, every few times I try it, the app crashes. It should not be witchcraft to get this fixed ;)

Apart from that, I expected to be able to choose the audio source like I can on the online player - I wanted to listen to the song that I have synchronised with the score. Why offer this option when it does not work on the app? That is "just" a feature request, though.

And holy smokes, does this app crash often. Opening scores, changing views, literally any button occasionally causes a crash. Under these circumstances I will definitely end my Pro trial before it ends.

My setup: Samsung Galaxy Tab A T280, MuseScore App version 2.4.11, Android version 5.1.1


Copyright Policy Question

I do a certain amount of transcribing sections of classical works for my own education and analysis. Often they are twentieth century pieces and some are still in copyright. I would like to share some of them here, but I've held off because of those copyright concerns. I know it's a long shot, but is there some combination of settings (license/download) that would allow me to publish them here without infringing copyright, since they are intended for educational use?

Importing Musescore Wav Files into Reason

So for some reason when I import wav files from Musescore into Reason, the sound gets all messed up. All of the instruments last twice as long as they need to and they keep glitching while they're playing. Maybe wav files in Musescore aren't compatible with Avid software? Is there any way to get around this? Maybe there's a different way to bounce it from Musescore to begin with? 

Reason instruments are nowhere near as amazing as Musescore ones that's why I NEED to be able to export and import the wav files. The only reason I need to use Reason is because I'm more familiar with mixing on there, the drumset needs to sound more fake/thin (weird I know), and I need to eventually record audio and mix it with the rest of the song. 

Edit: Instead of exporting all of the parts together, I imported them one at a time and this worked. I don't know why the DAW is responding better to the wav file that was exported separate from all of the other individual parts. Can anyone tell me why all of this happened?

If you have any thoughts or ideas, please respond! 

Thank you,
Leah Warrington

MDL + More

In addition to MDL, I think many could agree that MuseScore also needs MFE (MuseScore Front Ensemble), to work in conjuction with MFE as a soundfont. I understand it is hard to get nice sounds on an open-source software, but it would be nice to have. Here are suggestions for the soundfont in mind:

- Marimba (with 3 hardnesses); the marimba sounds a little bit like a toy xylophone with a deeper voice. It doesn't sound very rich.
- Vibraphone (with 3 hardnesses); the vibes don't exactly sound metallic enough
- Xylophone (with 2/3 hardnesses)
- Glockenspiel (with 2 hardnesses)
- Chimes/Tubular bells (with 2 hardnesses); the chime sound isn't round enough and is a bit abrasive in timbre

- Crotales
- Gong (PLEASE)
- Suspended/China cymbals with pre-recorded rolls and hits on different sizes (similar to what VDL does)

And as well, a nice function that could be EXTREMELY useful is the ability to upload samples into a score by mp3 or wav.