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MDL Feedback

Hey everyone. I thought I'd drop the first post to get feedback on MDL and see how we can continue to improve.

We are currently working on MDL 1.1, which we hope to release in the next couple of days. 

In this release we are working on some minor fixes in articulations, improving templates and also adjusting the sound of individual instruments (here is an example of sound updates in progress -

I'd love to get your feedback and suggestions on any aspect of MDL you think we can improve.

MDL 1.0 Feedback

Wow. I have to say how impressed I am with MDL 1.0  When Daniel first came online talking about this project, I was skeptical. I didn't think we'd get a viable alternative to VDL for free. Yet, here we are. It's great work and a huge asset to the community.

Keep in mind, I primarily write for battery and all comments come with that lens.

First, it's very speedy to write battery parts. Tuplets get a little squirrely at times, but I'll chalk that up to learning curve on my end. Its fast enough that I find myself unreasonably annoyed with the things that aren't quite as fast.

One thing that slows me significantly is how much overlap I get with accents, articulations, dynamics and pictograms in the defaults.  I spend a lot of time moving things to where they're readable. I don't think I've changed the default settings. For example, pictograms are showing up right in the middle of the staff. Even then, I find myself deciding it's "good enough" and moving on to something else. I don't love how some of my published scores look, but it's just the way it is.

On the 'feature request' side, one thing I miss about Sib is the percussions stickings text and how it aligns to notes without additional futzing by me. With the 'staff text' in MS MDL I press a lot of space bar and caps / lower case make things not quite aligned. 

Second, audio playback is a B+ for the battery - and I'm being hyper critical. The sextuplets in particular are vastly superior to what I was getting in Sib + VDL. The flams sound great too.  However, there are times when playback creates weird phaser / wooshing sounds that just don't happen in real life. 

Finally - and I'll beat this point forever - I'm really missing the ability to dictate stickings - particularly on the snare drum - and have the audio follow. Patterns like shirley murphey's, egg beaters or even just paradiddles just don't sound quite right. They're less important on tenors and even less important on bass, but would still be nice.

All in all, it's amazing. I'm a fan and quickly becoming an evangelist for MDL. The entire team deserves praise.

Request to Join Group Shows no User Name when User is Not Logged In

I am getting repeated Join Requests for my Group that show no User Names. 
I have now tested and proved the cause:  
A person can request to Join groups even when they are not logged in because the Join button at the right of a publicly visible Group remains active and allows the request to be submitted with no warning to the User that the Request cannot be processed. Such Join requests arrive to the Group admin with no user name shown, and thus cannot be Managed or Approved

When a non-logged in User presses the Join button on our Group Page, I get this email: 
" has requested a membership for your group 
Stanford Chorus MuseScore Group
Note that there is only a space where the User Name should appear.

Managing and Accepting this request gives a positive response that "User " " has been added to the Group." 
I have tried this several times, but no new user appears in the pages showing our Group members. 

Can this "black hole" for new users be fixed, so the Join button shows an error to users who press it, that they must Log In first?


Using Musescore and the Songbook App to practice music.

Hi everybody!
I am a very keen user of Musescore and I would like to use it more and more during my instrument practice (cello, in this case).
The Songbook app would be excellent for this purpose but I find the position of the controls and the cycle point positioning very uncomfortable.
In particular, from my point of view, a single-screen layout of most commands would be much more convenient, as well as other ideas that I would have in mind.
I know that Musescore is designed and developed mainly to show sheet music but I think that provide an interface more confortable while you're practicing would make many users happy.
What do you think about?

Anonymity of Downloads

If its not too hard, I think it will be useful to show which Musescore Users downloads scores, kind of like the favorite button. This could be used to track which people have been downloading your scores and it could also help against who-copied-what score, which might be a slight problem in Musescore, especially with more popular scores.

As a side note, I don't know if there should be a disabling download button option because it might be a viable solution to annoying people who re-post other people's works on youtube, Musescore, or other platforms. But then again, if someone wants a physical copy of the sheet music for playing but not copying, it will prevent the user from printing the score which could end in general annoyance.

All in all I think that there should be no more anonymity in downloads but disaling the button is questionable at least.

Any thoughts?

Default Drum Kits and Synthesiser Effects

My main reason for creating  this discussion is my experiences with setting up default drumkits. When I write for drums, the kickdrum's default voicing is 2, which, trust me, slows me down a lot because I am not used to it. So, I've changed it to Voice 1, which isn't a problem, except for the fact that every score I make, it resets to the default option, meaning I have to spend 5 minutes figuring out how to manually change it again. I am aware that there is a "save" option, as there is with the Synthesiser panel, however I feel it would benefit everyone and would save time if Default Settings were loaded at the start of every new score (which could be modified as wanted). This would make it a lot easier for me and many others, as I write a lot of arrangements and original scores as I am trying to becoming a songwriter.

Songbook: duplicate entries in song list

To open MSCZ files that are locally stored on the tablet in MuseScore Songbook they need to be opened from a file manager. The song is opened and added to Songbook's list of songs. Doing so, I came across a bug in Songbook: every time I open a file from a file manager, another duplicate entry in the song list is created and I end up with numerous entries in the list pointing to the same song. Expected behaviour: if the song is already in the list, it should be opened, but the existing entry in the list shall be reused.

Confusing Menu in Android Songbook / Verwirrendes Menü

Problem with Android Songbook's "Auszugsmischpult" 
        (Sorry, my Songbooks version diyplays only the German names, maybe it is called "mixer console" in English).

a) Positive logic: To hear the pre-measure, the baton symbol has to be "blue".
b) Positive logic: To see a score, the eye symbol has to be "blue".
c) negative logic: To hear a score, the speaker symbol has to be "NOT(!) blue".

This is confusing.
Please change "c) To hear a score" to positive logic. Which means:
To hear a score, the speaker has to be "blue"

Nochmal auf Deutsch:
Die Logik im Android Songbook "Auszugsmischpult" ist verwirend.
a) Positive Logik: Um den Vortakt zu hören muss das Taktstocksymbol blau sein.
b) Positive Logik: Um ein Notensystem zu sehen, muss das Augensymbol blau sein.
c) Negative Logik: Um ein Notensystem zu hören, muss das Lautsprechersymbol "NICHT(!) blau sein".

Das ist verwirrend. Bitte ändern Sie den Punkt c) so, dass alle drei Elemente positive Logik haben. Das würde bedeuten, dass das Lautsprechersymbol blau sein muss, wenn man etwas hören möchte.



I have been in my school band for 2 years. I went from elementary to middle school. We started in 6th grade and are now in 7th and I am a tenor sax. I currently gave problems with coming from over the break to some of the lower notes like F, F#, E, D, et cetera. If anyone has suggestions, please post some.

Group Score Filtering

So, I'm in several large groups, so my dashboard tends to get clogged with songs I'm never going to listen to. I suppose it's not a huge deal, but it makes it very difficult to find songs that I DO want to listen to.

Would it be possible to make a way that you could 'filter' what scores show up on your dashboard? 

Perhaps there could be a "my groups" tab (similar to "my scores") with various settings for each group you're in, such as:
-Show all activity - The default setting
-Block all activity (Don't know why you'd want this if you're in the group, but whatever)
-Block All Score activity - disable all scores added to that group from showing up on your dashboard
-Block All Discussion activity - Same as ^, but with discussions
-Show Activity only from users you follow - Block activity in the group (this could be customizable) from people you don't follow.

This is just a random idea......any suggestions/comments/snide remarks?