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Dashboard de-duplication


Today I see a ton of duplicate posts on my dashboard that I've never seen before. They are basically the same score posted to a lot of groups. I assume that has had some way to limit the duplicates on our dashboard before (I usually see 2-3 consecutive duplicates, but today it's like 10+). Any unintentional changes?

A possible awful lurking problem - crash+start center.


I had a crash (win10) just after I had added a few lines to my previously saved score.
When rebooted, Musescore offered to recover my score after crash. I did open it, it had 2 missing bars but it was all right as expected.

I spent about 5 hours and added some 5 pages.. hard and tedious work. Then saved, exported it to pdf, uploaded both to my drive. All good and safe.
Closed Musescore, left the PC running. Went to sleep.
Opened the score next day from the "start centre" window.
Now it had only the lines left that were there BEFORE the crash the day before.
The save file was ok - when opened from the explorer.
If I only had changed the title or something, I could have saved the old file over the correct one. Hence "lurking" problem...

To confirm this behaviour, I should test it with unplugging my computer...but don't want to do that really:) So just in case, check this out yourself.

Have a nice day,

How to add this type of note?

Hi there!

I'm trying to digitise a hymn by entering the music into MuseScore, but I've come unstuck with this type of hovering note (I don't know it's proper name!):

The note circled in red on the left is what I'm trying to add, the notes on the right is what I've already entered.

I'm sure it's just a case of pressing another button before adding the extra notes, but I've not managed to find that button yet, despite lots of fiddling!

Many thanks for your help  :-)


Pad savers! Do we need them ?

I’ve been playing the Alto Saxophone for over 2 years now, and I’ve never used/owned a pad saver.
However I recently brought a new saxophone and the dealer insisted that I buy a pad saver as it is essential to prolong the life of a Saxophone,
He also mentioned that without a pad saver the saxophone pads would be at risk of moisture/humidity, which will reduce the life of the Saxophone pads to a year or two.

Now most of the advance/pro saxophonist I’ve met do not use pad savers, instead they prefer to use swabs to clean out all the moisture after playing the saxophone and keeping the case open for an hour or two to allow the residual moisture to dry out.
Moreover some(including me) believe that pad savers actually do more harm than good by retaining moisture in them, and if you keep it inside the Saxophone then it could damage the pads.

What are your thoughts about pad savers?

Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course

Hi, I'm Marc Sabatella, Director of Education for MuseScore.  For quite some time I have been dedicating myself to helping teach people to use MuseScore.  You may recognize my name from discussions on the forums at or as the author of the comprehensive guidebook Mastering MuseScore.

A few months ago I announced the launch of the site I created specifically for MuseScore education: Mastering MuseScore Online.  While we're still working on how to best integrate my work into, I want to make sure people here know about what's available.

Brand new for fall 2018 is my most complete resource yet: Mastering MuseScore: Complete Online Course.  It covers everything from the basics to the most advanced features of the program, with over one hundred individual lessons containing more than nine hours of video in all.  It is quite simply the most clear and thorough training of its kind!  You can find more information here:


saisie midi

Bonjour à tous j'ai installé musescore il n'y a pas longtemps et j'ai commencé aujourd'hui la saisie MIDI. Je pensais que lorsque l'on jouait sur notre clavier Midi une mélodie, les notes de celle-ci s'affichaient sur la partition. Or, je me suis rendu compte que le logiciel n'affichait que la hauteur des notes et qui fallait régler la durée manuellement.Savez-vous si il existe une autre manière de le faire ?
Merci d'avance 

Weird orchestral piece competition

1. You must join before August 17 by announcing so in the comments. 
2. You must submit some form of link to your piece before September 17
3. Your piece must be original, not an arrangement or variation.
4. On August 17th the orchestra will be announced. The strings will remain normal, but the other sections will be different.
5. You must not overly disclude any instrument.

You will be judged on your understanding of the instruments, so it is worth looking them up.

Why can't we 'tag' a score to come back to later?

There are many instances where I see a score that I'd like to listen to 'later'. I'm not sure that I'd want to 'favorite' it but by the time I can get to listening to it, the score has been buried somewhere (often under copious posts of the same composer of the same score who posts to every group he or she can find). If there was a way of tagging the score so that I could find it easily again, it would get plenty of use.