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C’était une robe sans bretelles avec une jupe en tulle

 «Ma robe était de Jesús Peiró, achetée chez White Mischief Bridal à Henfield, dans le Sussex. C’était tout le contraire de tout ce que j’ai jamais pensé adorer! C’était une robe sans bretelles avec une jupe en tulle - c’est exactement ce que je ne voulais pas 
robe cocktail discount
, mais j’ai adoré ça tout de suite! La cami perlée détachable l'a également emporté - j'ai adoré le fait que cela puisse changer du jour au soir.

J'ai choisi une cathédrale à deux niveaux d'Augusta Jones. Je suis tellement content d’avoir choisi un long voile, car les tirs du voile de Claudia se sont avérés être nos préférés! ”

«En ce qui concerne la papeterie, je ne pouvais rien trouver qui soit à 100% de ce que je voulais, alors j’ai fabriqué le mien. J'ai commandé la carte et les enveloppes sur Ebay, ainsi que des sceaux d'enveloppe et de la ficelle chez Etsy. J'ai téléchargé des modèles et des polices gratuits 
robe noire chic grande taille
, puis je les ai imprimés! Nos cartes de place étaient des cœurs en bois, toujours d’Ebay, et notre plan de salle était affiché sur un miroir. 

Wir veranstalteten einen Hochzeitsplaner

"Wir veranstalteten einen Hochzeitsplaner - die wunderbare Sarah Sweet-Rowley von Sweet Events. Wir hatten nicht vor, einen Hochzeitsplaner zu rekrutieren, aber es war großartig, auf Sarah zählen zu können. Sie kümmerte sich um die Organisation des Festzeltes, das Mieten der Möbel, den Aufbau bei einem Caterer und war vor Ort, um alles in Ordnung zu bringen und sicherzustellen, dass tagsüber alles gut läuft. wenn wir Schwierigkeiten hätten, unsere Ideen in die Praxis umzusetzen!

Der Pavillon, in dem wir unsere Zeremonie und den Nachmittagstee hatten 
abendkleider lang mit ärmel
, war so schön, dass wir nicht viel tun mussten, sondern die Blumen hinzufügen! Es gab einen riesigen Kamin mit einem Kamin, über dem wir die Hochzeitsfotos unserer Eltern und Großeltern postierten. Nach der Zeremonie wurden im Pavillon Tische für den Nachmittagstee aufgestellt. Wir wollten, dass die Tische einladen, also trug jeder eine Vielzahl von Schmuckstücken, die wir in Auto- und Wohltätigkeitsstiefelläden gefunden hatten. Es enthielt alte Dosen, Stapel alter Bücher 
ballkleider große größen
, alte Glasflaschen und kleine Ornamente. 


What key to go to with the G7?

I am composing my first bagatelle right now. I decided to do it in rondo form and in a major key. Not only that, but I went for my avoid key, C major. As you can probably tell, I usually avoid composing in C major. Why? Because it sounds boring, Why? Because a hint of chromaticism makes me question whether or not I am modulating to another key.

Anyway, I have a G7 harmony and following that, 4 measures of a first ending with C major harmony. Now, I want to go somewhere else with this G7. I can think of a few keys that G7 can convincingly lead to. G major for obvious reasons is one key that G7 can convincingly lead to, at least if it is in an inversion. A minor is also convincingly lead to by treating the G7 as the subtonic. I can go to F also, if I resolve the G7 to C first.

I was thinking of reserving the minor key for when I get to the C section. So that means that I am leading to a major key other than C major. But it is hard for me to decide whether I should go to F major or G major, or a key not as closely related to C major(and note, I do think of the parallel minor as being closely related but I don't think of the mediant minor as being closely related at all).

Need help finding solo piece for Flute!

Hey all! I'm going to audition for my local junior orchestra in the fall, and need some advice... here are the requirements:

A solo or piece of your choosing that fully demonstrates your finest playing, such as a piece you are working on in lessons or a piece you performed with your school

A classical concerto for your instrument of your choice

Major scales and arpeggios up to four flats and sharps

Melodic minor scales and arpeggios up to four sharps and flats


I have the last four down, I just need help finding a solo piece. If any of you have any suggestions, i'm in need!


Just a funny saying. Do you agree?

So at my high school, we have our own orchestra (and band, but Orchestra's better). We only have Violin, Viola, and Cello. So when people talk about Violins and Cellos I simply say: "Violins are too high, Cellos are too low, and Violas are the cream of the Oreo." What's usually the favorite part of the Oreo? The cream! Do you agree?

New Member

Hi! I'm excited to see all these viola players gathered in one group. It's so hard to find a good spot like this because violas are so underrated. Anyways, I'm an aspiring viola player who needs a LOT of practice, and I was wondering if any of the more experienced players could recommend some music that might be good for someone playing at a 6th-8th grade level. I've only been playing for 3 years, so I think that would be a good area for me. Thanks!

How to Delete Extra Rest?

I have an extra rest in a measure - it actually make the measure longer than what is specified in the time signature. How do I delete it? I can select it but none of the usual removal commands work. If I use "Control-Delete" the rest of the score is deleted.
Help will be appreciate.
I'm new to the software - it looks cool so far!