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Hard Grand Piece Required for Piano

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Hello fellow pianists,

I am creating this discussion on behalf of myself to ask the questions whether someone would kindly create a score which has a grand sort of feel and is difficult. It will need octaves, low notes and lots of chords. You can choose the genre. Please reply and create in the timescale of a year maximum (at preference we can discuss further details).

Thank you for your time,

Joe on a boat’s musical cousin

Please change your update process

 I have an ASUS K01B running running Android 5.0.2 (the latest version offered).  I have commented on the app before, sometimes positively, sometimes with problems. At the moment nearly every new update has problems. The current version, 2.4.10, if I am right, crashes immediately after switching to the page view mode and then choosing playback. Many previous versions were about as unstable, with sometimes a positive exception.
As I would like to be able to use the app and rely on it to work, this situation is really annoying. I should like to go back to a version that works for me and keep that, rather than having some ill-tested update replace it every week. Good SW-engineering practice will e.g. provide alpha and beta versions.
Sorry, I really used to like MuseScore (esp. the old "Songbook" app) and have been using it a lot, but I now have the feeling I will have to find another solution.

SubmitHub for your music -- Canon in D featured.

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So sorry to post something a little Spammy....  But I used Submithub (I am not affiliated with the site) to post some of my music for free.   You can use 'standard credits 100% free' and submit your music to a bunch of blogs and youtube channels.

Anyway, I am getting featured on an asian youtube channel World Music Creation.  The channel has about 150K subs.    Its nothing life changing.  But its cool!  And 100% free.

Look up submithub, and  give it a try.  And while your at it click my link.. it is  It is safe.   And give me some love for my big premiere!!  Best of luck everyone.