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Vertical score alingment: first page vs other pages

My score has one system with 13 staves on every page, with a title at the top of the first page.

The bottom of the first page system falls close to the bottom margin whereas all the other pages are aligned to the top with a much larger space at the bottom. I can find no way to ensure that all pages fill an equal amount of vertical space as one would normally expect in an orchestral edition.

I would expect the title header + the first page system to occupy the same vertical space as the system by itself occupies on all the following pages. Is there a way of ensuring this in the page setup dialogue? or elsewhere?

I can use Musescore 2 or 3 for this project.

Nocturne (Fantaisie?) in "B minor"

 Not your traditional nocturne (if by traditional you think mainly of Chopin or Field)... so I'm not really sure what to think of it or what to call it, perhaps a Nocturne-Fantaisie.

This was originally written in 2012 as my second piece of music. I just went back through and heavily revised it. It's still strange, but was fun to revise. I probably won't be editing it significantly any further since it's old and will leave it as is now (unless there's some major critique/problem you may notice). Anyway, thanks for listening.