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Make something about spam descriptions!

Make something with this kind of pages:

They are clearly spam description with the aim of showing those post on almost all searches people make. And when 2-3 of this posts turn out in search results they also make the website load slow, it takes like 5-6 seconds until the page is fully loaded.

Please edit them, or put a limit to the number of characters people can use in descriptions.

Saved for later notepad

Often when I see new scores on the site that might be of interest to me I'm not in a position to listen to them right away. When I would have the time, say a few days later, I can't usually remember or find those scores any more. I would find a personal saved for later notepad where one could store links to interesting scores (and perhaps discussions, too) with one click a very useful feature to the site.

Back button issue (bug), inconsistent, only top part of screen shown

After using the in app back button I see only the top part of the screen of "Songbook".
I have this issue on my S2 TAB in portrait mode. Once I turn my screen to landscape and back again, I have full screen again.

If I use the TAB back button, I am thrown back to "Your collections" after it flashes past the "Songbook" screen. In this case I have full screen.

If I start in landscape mode, the action of in app and TAB back button remains different, however in app now maintains full screen.

(Unfortunately I first posted at the wrong forum]

CCC#1 - "The Watzmann" and Admin/Judge

The wait is over! The first competition is here!

That didn't take long! Thank you to everyone who has joined the group in the last 24 hours or so. :D

So, I have a couple of things to talk about, the first is announcing the competition, the second is regarding Admins and Judges etc, so I want to quickly apologise for the lengthy post.

But let's start with the fun bit!

CCC#1 - "The Watzmann" by Caspar David Friedrich.

"The Watzmann" is a painting by artist Caspar David Friedrich, made in the mid 1820s. It is a fantastic landscape painting, and although I know nothing about art, I absolutely love this painting.

This challenge was inspired by a composition task I was given at school, where we had to write a piece of music inspired by a painting. I chose a different painting by Caspar David Friedrich, which inspired me to look up some more of his art to use for this competition.

So, the challenge is fairly simple: Write a piece of music inspired by this painting, "The Watzmann". I look forward to seeing what you can come up with.

A few quick rules/details:
1) You may use any ensemble of instruments.
2) The piece must be between 1.30 and 5 minutes long.
3)  The piece must be original, not an arrangement.

You will be given a mark out of 10 for your piece, along with some feedback. You have until Sunday 19th May which gives you one month to complete the piece. I will announce the winners as soon as possible after that.

Admin / Judge

So, basically, if anyone would like to be an admin and judge in the competition, please message me. Your job will be to help me mark the scores, and make sure the group runs smoothly. Obviously, you won't be able to participate in any competitions which you help judge, so sorry about that. If no-one wants to, I can do it myself, but it would make things a lot easier for me, so message if you're willing to help. Thanks!


There. I apologise again for the long post. I'd never get away with this on RSA. :/
Thanks again to everyone who helped boost this group to 30 members yesterday. :D
I look forward to seeing all of your entries to the competition. Obviously you don't have to, but if you are entering, it would be helpful if you could just let me know in the comments. Have fun!

- Joe

Dashboard issues

1. The text box appears, but the send button doesn't. This is especially annoYing whenever I type something really long and then the send button isn't there. Can this be fixed?
2. Possibly show private messages on the dashboard?
3. Maybe show all comments on dashboard. Sometimes it picks and chooses comments which sort of bugs me a bit

Rezession kostete mehr als $ 500 auf ein Kleid heute

 Für die meisten Menschen heute, ist es lächerlich, wegen der wirtschaftlichen Rezession kostete mehr als $ 500 auf ein Kleid heute. Wer weiß, dass nur die Ehe ist wie eine teure Anlass Kleider und so billig Brautjungfer sind immer in der großen Nachfrage in der heutigen Zeit.

Lilac Brautjungfer Kleider sind chic romantischen Trend in diesem Jahr. Wenn Sie wirklich wollen, um in dieser einladenden Farbe Weg zu gehen, wenn es um Kleider geht für Ihre Brautjungfern, sind Sie in der Existenz einiger Mode lila Brautjungfer Kleider unter 100 glauben? Nun, meine Antwort ja.

Wenn es um Einkaufen für ein Ehrenplatz billig Licht lila Brautjungfer Kleid online angeboten wird, von dem Stereotyp, dass Designer-Kleid Stile sind teuer loszuwerden! Es ist auch ein Vergnügen, die meisten Verbraucher warnten ihre Kleider online. Fast jedes Kleid Shop führt eine reiche Sammlung von Kleider von verschiedenen Farben und Stilen, natürlich, lila Brautjungfer Kleider sind enthalten. Alles, was Sie tun müssen, ist ein paar Klicks: Wählen Sie einen zuverlässigen Speicher, guten Stil und erhalten Sie Ihre gewünschte Farbe. Die reichliche Versorgung mit verschiedenen Brautjungfernkleider lila Ehre können Sie einfach einkaufen. In den Laden gehen mit klaren Bildern 
, detaillierten Beschreibungen, der Service freundlich und Kundenpolitik versandkostenfrei und frei Verschiffen zurück, auch im Fall, dass Sie sie nicht täuschen. Allerdings wird eine ganze Spar dieses Risiko auszugleichen. 

Playback foulup

Four days ago I noticed a new style of font on the comments section of my page. I figured it was your new Spring look, but now whenever I want to play a piece of mine or elsewhere one of three things happens:
1) The blue line begins to race across the page before I press play and it plays with the scroll 8 or so bars ahead; 2) it stutters or does not play; 3) It plays (eureka!)
Hardly a good way to entice listeners, wouldn't you say?
Sometimes it stalls and it takes forever to leave the page.

Until this occurrence all had been fine. I have rebooted and my PC seems to be fine in all other aspects. I use Windows 10, Firefox and ver 2.3.2.