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I've been copyright striked

I received an email sent at 8:15am about one of my scores "When You Wish Upon A Star" being taken down for copyright infringement.

To be specific, it is my arrangement of the song for piano from the Disney movie Pinocchio. The licensing under this score is "Attribution" due to the fact that it's my arrangement of the song and I do not want anyone to claim the specific arrangement as their own, not the original song itself. The reason I am bringing up the licensing is because I'm not clear on whether the copyright strike is because of
1) my score is based off a popular song
2) the incorrect licensing
3) or a software glitch (as mentioned by Mike in another discussion post on this forum)
If it's possible, I can always change it to public domain. This is my first time receiving this notice, so I am unaware of what exactly happened. I'm hoping this can be settled and one of the staff members can take away this strike and make my score public again.

Also if anyone can educate me about whether I did the right thing about licensing my score as "Attribution" I'd greatly appreciate it.

Copyright infringement... again...

Once again my composition Minnesota has been taken down due to alleged copyright infringement. And once again without any explanation as to what I am supposed to have "stolen". To my knowledge I have written this piece myself from scratch and therefore I'm of course very surprised that someone claims that I've used someone else's work.
The last time this happened I recieved a notification that it was a mistake on your behalf and you even apologized for the mishap.
Is this yet another mistake or is there actually a piece that sounds just like mine?
If there is I would like to know where to find it so I can listen to it. (Maybe someone  has actually stolen my piece of music?)
Best regards
Kalle Edh

Collaborative Symphony

Does anyone want to write a collaborative symphony where we write separate movements but fit within an idea and a theme? HELP STILL WANTED!
Here is how we are going to do it, we will come up with a theme or an opening melody, which will we will have our movements based on. Once completed we will compose our movements, and when we're done, I will put them together and all people who participated will uploaded it with credits given.



What is the correct procedure for closing my account and deleting my scores? I have not found anything on the website that indicates the correct sequence such that the scores are deleted first and the account closed second.

It is not possible to delete scores individually due to the number of scores so I'm hoping there is an automated sequence or a back-door method (script/procedure).

Thanks in advance!

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