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'Download all option'

Hi there MuseScore!

We at the OpenScoreLiederProject would greatly appreciate a ‘download all’ button at least for all scores in a set, and at least for scores on one’s own account?

This would be extremely useful for those of us with multi-author projects, seeking to use the holding as the version of record, but I’m sure it would be appreciated widely.

Alternatively, some kind of user-accessible backup on a version controlled site like Github would work.


PD flag not appearing for works which are part of a collection (e.g. Song Cycle)

In the OpenScore Lieder Corpus, it is very common for individual scores (songs) to be part of a song cycle (a single collection listed on as Public Domain, containing several different songs).  For example: 
Franz, Robert - 6 Gesänge, Op.6
Holmès, Augusta - 20 Mélodies
Holmès, Augusta - Les Heures

Previously such songs could have a PD flag attached, just by specifying the overall  work (song cycle) as listed on  But recently such songs apparently accept the named song cycle, acknowledged by as an "Arrangement of a work in the Public Domain" - but the PD flag never appears after the Save action.

I suspect that this happens because the song's title does not exactly match the title of the Song Cycle, and an automated check then removes the carefully-saved PD flag.  
Song Cycle: Franz, Robert - 6 Gesänge, Op.6
Song Title:  Franz, Robert - 6 Gesänge, Op.6, No.6 - Tränen

If you look at these three examples of Song Cycles (Sets on, you will see one or more songs in each Set without a PD flag.  And these songs have been updated more than once to add their PD flag - but the flag never appears...

MuseScore 3 läßt sich nicht auf Android-Smartphone installieren (Play Store)

Die MuseScore 3 - App lässt sich von Play Store nicht vollständig  installieren, entweder ist bei 100% Download Schluss (selten) oder es  kommt beim anschließenden Installieren die Fehlermeldung, dass die App  nicht installiert werden kann (meistens). Der genaue Text lautet:  "MuseScore: Notenblätter ansehen und spielen" kann nicht installiert  werden. Versuch es noch einmal. Falls das Problem weiterhin besteht,  findest Du hier einige gängige Lösungsmöglichkeiten.  Habe schon die  meistenFehlerbehebungen probiert, nichts half.  Ich habe ein nagelneues  Samsung A50. Ich bin Abonnent und soll laut App im Play Store Betatester  werden.  Was kann ich tun? Der Entwickler verwies mich an dieses Forum.  Kann man die App vielleicht auch woanders downloaden.?
Viele Grüße Adi Buchta, München 


To the internet,

I am thinking of starting a channel can anyone make me a into score?

it is simulation/gaming/budget/i will listen to comments

it will be layed back and family friendly

if i use your score you will get mentions and if i do credits a spot in them

many thanks

P.S excuse my grammar