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Weird online playback fault, seen on a "new" Upload ...

This recent upload (- not mine -) behaves *very* strangely during online playback. The actual soundtrack plays through the entire sequence of measures, just once, as-if neither the |:  and :| Repeat signs nor the 1st and 2nd Volta lines were present. However the pink box *does* follow the Repeats and Endings *visually* until the sound-track runs out 'early' - leaving the pink box stopped half-way through the score ! 
Interpretation: I suspect that this upload probably consists of a older, PD score (downloaded from a well-known PD Transcriber) and then modified and re-uploaded using a later version of the Software. *If* this is the result of another 'Version 2 / Version 3' upload-processing conflict, it is going to be *very* unhelpful to anyone who legitimately wishes to download an older PD score, and re-upload a new arrangement or other work based upon it ? Please will Staff look into this occurrence? Thank You !
P.S. The Score-page score-window 'cut off along the bottom' problem that I reported previously, is still present: . On some score-pages, as much as the lower third of the score-window appears 'blank white', and the lower scroll-button cannot be seen ...

Resistance Training

in Brass

Hello Fellow Brass Musicians,

I have been playing trumpet for a while now. My range goes all the way to double C and a Double B flat(Meaning a good tone on B Flat). As my range goes up, I noticed that my resistance is not as good (I loose my chops faster, and can only practice my music for an hour before I have to stop) I have tried loosening up and using more air to hit high notes but it still doesn't work. If any of you could help, I would appreciate it so much!


I have the following error (when I try to upload a score) that says:

The score cannot be uploaded, as we don't support this version of mscz files yet.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

My MS is at version Can someone tell me what to do to avoid this issue and upload my score successfully?


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So I'm participating in the #roomiemelody contest

for all of you who don't know its a contest where you make a song based off of a melody provided by roomieofficial.

My submission is here:

if you want to check it out!

And if you want to participate in it too the original video is here:

The deadline is December 5th!