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Ties are not visible in scores on older iPad

When viewing and playing back a score in the Musescore app (2.4.14), tied notes are correctly rendered audibly.  But on my old ipad (model MD510B/A, running iOS 10.3.3) the ties are not visible in the displayed score.  On my newer one (model MR7J2B/A running iOS 13.1.3) the ties are correctly displayed.

As an example, the first score I see in Browse mode is a piano piece River Flows In You, by Yiruma.  The first bar has ties into the second.

This isn’t the world’s worst bug, since the playback is correct, but it is a nuisance.

This is how all high school Clarinet sections are.

Clarinet 1, 2, and 3 all play as separate sections. The Clarinet 1 section always has all of the try hards on that row. They can never really play together with each other because they are always trying to show that they can play their parts better than all of us sitting behind them. Whenever there is a really technical part (With lots of INK! LOL!) they are the ones who are NEVER afraid to try it, while playing confidently at full volume. Basically these are the only players you can hear out of the entire section for most of the piece. The Clarinet 2 and 3 sections are more unified than the first. We are the players that sit behind and we are the first to be ok with not knowing how to play our part and pulling our clarinets down and letting the firsts handle those difficult parts. The ONLY thing these two rows can do better than first is stay playing together. This is because before even discussing, it is understood that when it comes to the difficult parts we all collectively REST. while they continue. You can never hear us when we are playing by ourselves, and you won't ever hear us playing over the Clarinet 1 row like we are supposed to, because we are always unsure of how our parts are supposed to sound.

Score mysteriously deleted (forum post)

I posted this in the support forum and was directed here. Apparently some of you have behind-the-scenes access. If so, I'd like some help.

(Made yesterday)
 This morning I uploaded a score. It's worth noting that the score is 2  hours long - an extremely large score. I uploaded it with score audio  and waited all day for the score to finish processing. I checked it half  an hour ago, and it gave me a page not found. Which is weird, since it  still shows up in my scores list (see screenshot). Yet it still shows  that I have 4 out of 5 scores uploaded (if you look at the top of said  screenshot). I was wondering if there could be some way to recover my  score, or if I'll have to upload it in a different way.
Score URL in question:
None of my other large scores have given me problems before, so I'm  worried that uploading this one will be impossible. Also, why does it  take centuries for the score to process? I already uploaded it with  audio.

Details and attachment:

Original Compositions

Hi, I am pretty new to composing (only started 2-3 years ago). I have played piano for about 7 years now and cello for 3. I made these songs and any critique, feedback, or suggestions, etc. on my scores are welcome. This would be greatly appreciated Thanks :)
4 2017 Original Comps