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New Public Domain Publishing Guide

Hey Everyone,
As you know, we have recently launched our new process for publishing Public Domain score. Immediately after launching this new process, we turned our attention to how we could continue to improve this feature to better support the members of our community.
Creating a clear and effective way for you to publish Public Domain works is just as important to us as helping other users discover your hard work in making these scores available.

The easiest way to help your scores to be discovered is to create a direct link between your scores and what other members are searching for by ensuring your scores are named correctly.
To improve the discoverability of your scores, we have created this Public Domain Publishing Guide, a simple set of instructions for this essential aspect of the publishing process

Naming the Work

  1. Work should have an original official name (without abbreviations or missing words). 
  2. If a work has more than one name (official and unofficial), you should add 2nd name to the end in brackets. 
  3. If a work has an opus number, it is required to be added to the end of the official name.
  4. Also if work has a catalogue number (such as BVV, KV, R etc), it’s advisable to also add it to the end. 
  5. If key is an official part of work name, you also should add it to the name. For alteration you should use words, not symbols (C sharp major, E flat minor, but not С# or Eb)
  6. If you adding a score related to only a part of work, you shouldn’t add this part as a separated work. You can add part name to the score title

  • Moonlight Sonata
  • Sonata in C Moll
  • Sonata No 14
  • Sonata No 14, op. 27, No.2 First Movement

  • Sonata No 14, op. 27, No.2 (Moonlight Sonata)

Names of People
When adding a new composer, the format should be Last Name, First Name Middle Name
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Beethoven Ludwig Van
Beethoven, Ludwig Van

Traditional or Folk Songs
When adding a traditional or folk song, use the format: Folk song, Country. 
Russian Folk Song
Folk Song, Russia

We are always open to suggestions and need your opinion about this text.

adding extra notes into a song & shifting bar lines

Thanks, everyone for your help w the repeat signs.
There's one other thing that i can't figure out.
Let's say i wrote 5 measures in 4/4 time. the program automatically counts out the measures, put s in the bar lines according to the # of beats.  If i want to add a few more notes to one measure and make the barline shift to the right by a few beats (less than 4 beats), i can't do it cuz it just adds a full 4 beat measure.
What i had to do was rewrite the entire song note by note otw i have extra rests/beats that i need to account for. 
Hope that makes sense.
a real pain.
Can someone please teach me how to shift the bar lines and make it apply to the rest of the song?
Thank you so much!