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Check out my Minuet

I composed an entire minuet in just a few minutes. It is way better than my first minuet(I never even finished that one, it was so bad), but I still might need to make some changes, particularly to the B section. I used motives to both intensify the B section as it moves to F major and to de-intensify it as it moves back to Bb major. Overall, it is in rounded binary form, which is typical for minuets. Here's the link:

What do you think of my minuet? Does it need any changes? If so, what changes? I tried to stay in the Baroque style, thus the melody and countermelody, but should I have an ending chord to both confirm that it is the ending and make the number of bars even? That would leave me with a bit of a coda to my minuet, which isn't typical.

Song Request?

in Piano

I was wondering if any advanced or intermediate composers would mind doing an arrangement for a talent show that I'm doing. The song that I would like done is either Pull Me Deep, Generations, or Bite My Tongue all by Logan Henderson. 

Thanks! 😊