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Ask Me Anything: Marc Sabatella, MuseScore Director of Education!

Marc Sabatella is a Denver-based jazz pianist, composer, and educator. Marc is known for his groundbreaking performances with string quartet and other creative ensembles. Marc holds a Masters degree in Composition from the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver, where he taught jazz theory for over ten years. Marc also teaches at Regis University and for the Colorado Jazz Workshop. Marc Sabatella is proud to be a part of the MuseScore team as one of the developers of this amazing software, the author of the definitive guide Mastering MuseScore, and now as the Director of Education!

Attention: authors of the three best questions will receive 1-year Musescore Pro Accounts!

This wednesday, September 25th you can ask anything from Marc & receive the MuseScore PRO account for the questions about:
• MuseScore editor for professionals & beginners: tips & tricks;
• How to compose music, everything about music education;
• How to work with,  the biggest scores database;
• Any constructive questions are welcome!

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Ma mère a pris en charge les fleurs et a fait un travail remarquable

in Piano

 "Ma mère a pris en charge les fleurs et a fait un travail remarquable.
Nous avons passé beaucoup de temps à réfléchir aux arrangements et au genre de
regardons ce que nous voulions, qui étaient des fleurs des bois cultivés localement avec beaucoup de
différentes nuances de vert. Nous avons choisi une variété de formes différentes
fleurs pour donner un look décontracté et naturel (fougère 
robe dame d honneur
, lierre, roses, astilbe,
buddleia, veronica, pois de senteur, bouillon et bruyère).
La veille du mariage,
Maman, les demoiselles d’honneur, moi-même et des amis très gentils avons passé quelques bonnes
heures à confectionner les extrémités de bancs 
, les boutonnières, les décorations de table et les bouquets.
Le processus a été plutôt long mais était vraiment amusant et une belle façon de commencer
hors des célébrations de mariage. "

"Ma robe était la conception Ugena de Pronovias, achetée chez Mirror Mirror
à Angel, Londres. J'ai adoré que la robe soit ajustée et pourtant sentie
fluide et élégant. J'ai aussi aimé le bas du dos et les belles perles
cela lui a donné une sensation des années 1920 ". 


in Piano

Hello!! Im kinda new in using musescore, and I stumbled upon a problem. You see I was wondering how I can put the notes of the f clef on the g clef, so its basically the bass notes on the g clef. So please Help?

Piece suggestions?

in Piano

Hey! (I don't know if this goes here, and if it doesn't feel free to take it down haha)

Anyways, lemme start this off by saying I'm a middle schooler and I've been playing playing piano for about 7 years. (7 years may sound like a long time, but if you want a sort of reference, I'm nowhere near the ABRSM 7th grade level) I'm currently not taking lessons, but I'd like to keep up my skills. 

In short, I was wondering if you have any fun, medium-level piece suggestions for somebody like me?

Thanks! Any suggestions are much appreciated. :)

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