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Solo and Ensemble Season

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Two days ago my Band Director has annoced that Solo and Ensemble Season has begun and we need to find groups. I’ve found my group, and it consist of 2 Trumpets, 2 Trombones and 1 Tuba. I’ve been searching everywhere for a piece that has the instruments we play, is there anyone who has composed/transcomposed a Solo and Ensemble Quintet like ours? Or recommend a piece that we can play/perform? btw: we are in the Wind Symphony Band in our high school.

dass wir die Geburt des Pulloverkleid angekündigt

Zuerst war es nur ein Modell für unsere mehr Dressing, informiert und uninteressant. Heute, dünnen und leichten Strickkleid wieder aufleben lässt.

Damen, eine gute Nachricht ist, dass der Pullover Kleid für jedermann. Halleluja.

Kurz oder lang, dick oder Licht, XXL oder in der Nähe des Körpers 
cocktail kleid
, ist es verfügbar, so dass jeder profitiert. Bonus? Strickkleider alle folgen den neuesten Modetrends des Winters. Kann nicht zum Absturz bringen.

Wenn Sie einen sexy Look zu übernehmen wollen, müssen wir zeigen. Sie zeigen Sie Ihre Beine mit einem kurzen Pullover Kleid, Schulter mit asymmetrischer Pullover Kleid, Ihren Rücken mit einem Pullover Kleid backless. Wie auch immer mit dem Netz zu verführen, können Sie nicht wählen ein Modell gerollt Kragen / breit / lang. 

Nocturne in Eb arrangement, feedback

This is the first time that I have arranged a Chopin piece. Not only that, but it is the first Chopin piece I ever played, so I am very familiar with this piece. I know, I need a countermelody or something along those lines for the first violin. But there is a bit of a problem stopping me from doing this. That is just how close the second violin  gets in pitch to the flute. 

Typically, there is less than an octave of space between the second violin and the flute in any given beat. That doesn't allow for many countermelody notes if I want to keep things relatively consonant. And of course I want to keep things relatively  consonant because of the beautiful melody in the flute. I also don't want to have the countermelody have so many short notes that it becomes the main melody. The flute is playing the main melody and I don't want  to underwhelm that(I already get close to that with some of the forte dynamics). 

There are no slurs in what I have written, mainly because the phrasing of the bass line is super clear just from the notation and, I have no idea where a flutist would take a breath. I can only barely get the first and second octaves to sound right, still doing that C major octave scale exercise and the staccato exercise on my flute. And this is after more than a month of flute practice, so while I technically can play  melodies on the flute at this point, I am limited to legato melodies with short phrasing that aren't super elaborate. 

What do you think of my arrangement of Chopin's Nocturne in Eb?