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Reducing Pain

Hi! I've been practicing the marimba a lot recently, and I have blisters on my fingers. My forearms are very sore and painful too (I can't even stretch them now). Could anyone give me some tips on reducing pain/preventing them in the first place? Thanks in advance!!! 

Need advice about the bassoon

You may or may not know this but I am arranging the Pathetique Sonata for a symphony orchestra. I have gotten to the second Grave section and the notes reach the very lowest register of the bassoon. Before I get too deep into it, I need some advice about the bassoon, preferably from someone who plays the bassoon.

Can the bassoon play pianissimo in its lowest register? Because the last note of the Grave section that I would put in the bassoon part is a B natural below the bass staff. I know the bassoon can be very mellow sounding but can B natural below the bass staff be played pianissimo? If not, then I will just have that note played by the double basses and notate it up an octave from where it is in the piano score to get the desired pitch.

I need music. Please. Thank you. :)

Okay, I'm gonna keep this short. I have a quintet comprised of 2 violins, viola (me), cello, bass. We are all in 8th grade, moving on to our Freshman year. If someone could please help me find some music to keep our quintet alive, please let me know. I would like "Wake Me Up" by Avicii, but anything that is upbeat and exciting would be nice. We are more dedicated than your typical middle-school players, however still require some simple music. Thank you!

Hi everyone!

I'm Rebecca, and I'm this group's new owner :P

If any of you have any suggestions on how to make this group better, please let me know! :D

Here's something I see that I might change
- scrolling through the discussions, you almost only see discussions asking for feedback. Though this isn't a bad thing, it does get quite redundant when you scroll down the discussion section and all you see is "check out my score, check out my score, check out my score, etc." I figured I'd make a "feedback discussion", and anyone wanting feedback can post in there. That way, anyone wanting feedback will know where to go, and anyone wanting to critique pieces will know where to look. At the same time, the rest of the discussion will be less cluttered and allow for more conversation.

So! Please feel free to introduce yourself, and add anything that you see needs improvement in the group! :D

Have a nice day! :P

(btw this discussion will get updated as the group changes)