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May 24 update of the Android app

I have two problems with today's update:
1) The very useful option of changing the relative volumes of the various voices has been removed and replaced by an option to view just one voice. That option effectively existed already in the now removed option. 
Please restore the old option, even if you retain the new one. It is very useful in bringing one part to the foreground, while not entirely muting the other parts.

2) On at least one score the entire score (all voices) is displayed an octave too high. Could the be related to the fact that part of the piano part has '8-------' above it, indicating that that part should be played an octave higher. The display is initially correct and is changed to the incorrect display in about one second.

I sure hope these modifications will be undone.

Calling all violinists in London, UK

Calling all violinists in London, UK  -  If you'd like to meet up and attend sessions that improve our technique, teaching, coaching, musicianship,  performance and opportunities together  -  then please email me via">
or text me via 07803 081 763.   I have been offered free space to meet up.  Thanks for your time and hope that you are having a fab day ! All best wishes, Flora

Wanting first 8 and last 8 bars of a 16 bar piece to be each on one line, vertically aligned.

in Piano

I am wanting to create a version of Chopin's Op. 28 No 7 prelude in A where the first and last 8 bars are on two separate lines aligned vertically.  I found that @ClassicMan has already created the score, but now want to split/shift it to get things aligned - so measure 1 would be right above measure 9, 2 about 10, etc. , and each measure is the same width.

All 8 bars of each would be on the same line, so likely need landscape or something as well.

Is this possible?


obwohl das Kleidungsstück im Körper zu lang oder im Körper

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Queen scores arranged only for Battery,bass,guitars and keyboard.

in Piano

Hello to every one,
I'm searching some QUEEN scores to play with my frieds. In particular every song must have the bass,guitar, battery and keyboard score parts + the voice.
I'm not a professional musician so a not able to make and arrangement for this situation.
Below the song:
1) Who want to live forever
2) Show must go on
3) I want to be free
4) Radio gaga
5) We are the champions
For a moment.
Thank you in advance. Leonardo.