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Hangman Puzzle #2

in Hangman

H A N G M A N     P U Z Z L E S    A R E   V E R Y    F U N!
Find the missing letters?
You get 10 wrong guesses.
You can't guess twice in a row.
If you want to guess, do not reply to a comment. Make your own comment.
RIGHT: E, H, A, R, S, V, N
WINNER: @blastissimo

Intro required for a lurker :P

I really just hate intros in general, so I'll make this short and sweet, maybe.

I'm 32 years old from Michigan, married to my wife of 6 years (together 12) and in the process of adopting our 2 year old foster son. My musical journey began at age 10 when I started playing trumpet. I also play guitar, some piano and drums, although if you give me an instrument I will try to learn it. When I graduated high school, I attempted to major in music (trumpet performance), but my community college did not offer the things I needed to properly prepare for university level when transfer time came, and I also was discouraged by the general difficulty of the music industry, and I didn't want to be a teacher, so I gave up.

Since I discovered MuseScore, my eagerness to finish a piece I started writing when I was still in music classes has come back, although the inspiration still hasn't hit me. I currently play with a brass quintet and have been having fun finding and trying to rearrange pieces for my group. And then I saw this group and decided I needed to join, because well, gay.

I don't really "identify" as anything, but if I have to put labels on it, I would say I am a non-binary lesbian (although i hate the word lesbian (not sure why), so I just call myself gay or queer).

So I guess it's not that short, but whatever :P

Pronouns: she/they, not offended by he either, I tend to not correct people who misgender me online, especially in places where it doesn't really make a difference. For example, in this group I'm only offering my identifiers because it was asked of me, but in the end we're all here to make music and that's what matters. No hate against the owner or the group and rules, just how I am, and I totally understand the need to have a group to belong to in terms of finding other people like yourself.


Let her go (Passenger)

in Piano

I'm looking for sheet music from Let her go (Passenger). It has to be for the piano and without the melody, so for example chords with little variations, because I will play piano while another one is singing. It would be nice if the beginning is quiet and later, where in the real song the drum starts, more powerful (for example with octaves).
I hope someone can help me by finding/making sheet music!

An Homage to Beethoven: A Bagatelle of my own

in Piano

Anybody here remember back in January this year when I uploaded my Piano  Sonata no. 4 as an homage and birthday piece for Mozart? I have improved quite a bit as a composer since then. Mozart is my second most influential composer. But can you guess who my most influential composer is? Hint: He was completely deaf by the time his ninth symphony was composed and he had to be physically turned around to see the applause of his audience.

Yep, it is Ludwig van Beethoven. That is my most influential composer. Even when I don't aim for a Beethovenian vibe, there is often a part of one of my pieces that has that Beethovenian vibe. I figured that if I composed an homage and birthday piece for Mozart, I should do the same for Beethoven. But unlike with the sonata and Mozart, time is not on my side. I had more than a month to compose Piano Sonata no. 4.

But, even though it isn't known when Beethoven's actual birthday is(unlike how it is known that Mozart's birthday is Jan 27), it is hypothesized to be on Dec 16. I don't know about you, but I have never been able to compose a full sonata in 16 days. I would be lucky to get a first movement finished in 16 days. So, the sonata is out as are other longer pieces. However, there is another type of piece for which Beethoven composed a lot of them and is generally short and which doesn't follow a specific form. 

That is the Bagatelle, which literally means a short piece. Beethoven's bagatelles tend to divide into 2 groups, those like Fur Elise, that follow a shortened Rondo form such as ABACA, and those like WoO 52, that follow a Scherzo and Trio form. But that isn't to say that Sonata Form, Ternary Form, etc. aren't valid musical forms for a bagatelle as well. If the piece is less than 5 minutes in length and clearly isn't a dance piece, chances are that it is a bagatelle.

I figured that if I don't have the time to compose a sonata as an homage to Beethoven, that I can at least compose a bagatelle in this 16 day time window that I  have. Since it is an homage to Beethoven, I will be doing things like sudden dynamics, having an octave heavy bass, and having a single motive that gets developed throughout the piece, which are all integral to Beethoven, especially middle and late period Beethoven, but of course have a melody that I wrote myself. 

A Christmas Music Mashup of 33 songs!

Hey all,

Using Musescore (Salamander piano font), I've made an original mashup of 33 classic Christmas tunes just in time for the holidays. Link here:

I thought it was pretty cool to share, and since it's my first polyphonic mashup-type piece (as well as my first post here), I'm open to any feedback and critique. Depending on the response, I can also post the full score here soon. Hope you all enjoy!