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Composition recommendations.

Piano Solos
What hurts the most-Rascal Flatts
Blessed-Thomas Rhett
Numb-David Archuleta
Unconditonally-Katy Perry
Just a Dream- Kurt Hugo Schneider version
United-Hidden Citizens

Also, don't make them too hard or too easy to play. I'd like a challenge from them, but still enjoy it. If you can't make them, that's fine if you can't.

Comment on my work. Please

  I wrote this a few days ago, and I would like to know opinions and suggestions. Lately I have had many results of this type, and I want to know what others think about.
  I had inspiration from the "Andante Festivo" by J. Sibelius, who has always been one of the best, and my favorite.

The best audio version is here: 

The score is here: