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'How do you like that ending Stravinsky?'...

 My latest creation delves into a new realm of post-impressionist composing. The name 'Ame' carries a double meaning...

Inspiration came from a dark place, literally: I could not sleep... So what do I do? Well, just looking up from my pillow and think about unecessary things, as well as getting minor anxiety over how many hours of sleep I am going to get. So, I might as well get my brain working, I thought. I just opened the computer and started writing, and this is the product.

New MuseScorer

Hi, I'm kind of new to MuseScore. I am a self-taught pianist, and generally play by ear, with chords and a melody, as I have never learnt any other way.

Through MuseScore, I have recently learned to read music, and have tried to write down some of the songs I have written. I would love it if someone could look at some of the songs I have uploaded, maybe even have a go at playing one?

Any feedback (even critical - I know they're not very good!) would be appreciated.