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Need suggestions?

I'm playing in a group of two violins and two violas (including myself) for solo ensemble. We're looking for a piece, and would like to do a modern song (we've looked at Titanium and Rather Be if that gives you an idea of what we want) but haven't been able to find anything that suits our skill level, which is about beginner to intermediate. Does anybody have suggestions or links to sheet music? Thanks!

Viola/Bass duet?

Would anyone happen to have any viola and bass duet pieces? Me and my friend are looking for something that is beginner-intermediate*, and the bass part does have something more than quarter notes. I'll also be okay with a Viola/Cello part, as long as it doesnt go below a low E. Thanks!

*We've been playing for about six months, and the hardest we've done is doing Moana songs (like 4 songs in one score). I'm sure we could also figure out a intermediate piece too.

Make a Change (literally...)

I am composing a set of pieces, or more precisely etudes, (studies/practices) for the piano. By leaving a comment, you directly impact what I write of course, as I take all comments into consideration. I have edited and shared them, but, even so, not many have heard or clicked on them. I really want to hear what other people think about it and if I'm lucky I can get some constructive feedback too. You do not have to be a classical musician or something... But, just so you know, they are intended for intermediate to harder levels of piano and I plan to write maybe 8 or 10 or a dozen... I intend to make them studies that will not bore the listeners, like, actual enjoyable pieces for both the pianist and audience. 

Right now, I have only written 4: (I post them in reverse-chronological order, because I feel like it, so why not?)
1) 'Valse'
2) 'La Fée de Pluie' (The Rain Fairy)
3) 'Grazioso'
4) 'Une Blague' (A joke)
My personal favorite is the 'Valse', but, I like all of them. 

The double bass

A double bass goes to a psychiatrist.
Double bass: Doctor, someone told me I sound depressed.
Doctor: Let's hear it!
Double bass: G - D - ,A - 'E.
The psychiatrist's face darkens.
Doctor: I refer you to a good friend of mine. He will operate on you.
Double bass: And what will become of me then?
Doctor: A cello, a viola and a violin.