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I can try your piano concerto!

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Hello everyone!
I want to play your original piano concerto! I have always wanted to play a concerto, and I think I can do us both a favor by giving a mini "commission" for your piece! After I learn it, it will go on YouTube:

I do have a few requirements:
-Please keep it under 6 minutes long. This can be an extract from a movement, but preferably an entire movement so that the video sounds complete.
-THE PIECE HAS TO BE PLAYABLE! I WILL NOT play a seemingly impossible (or impeccably difficult) concerto because I can't and I am not a virtuoso pianist.
-Please upload a score without the piano part. I will be uploading it to YouTube so I need a track without the piano part in it (as well as one with it, of course!). This means I will need you to upload a score to Musescore without the piano part for me to practice with and also so I can get an MP3 with only the orchestra.
-I will only choose one concerto to play. Since there are so many great composers on Musescore, I think I should run by a LOT of pieces. For that reason, I will have to pick only one piece for a commission.
-It must be original. I don't want to play a concerto that is almost identical to one that already exists. This means I won't accept transcriptions or anything like that. I want all of the composer in this concerto.
-Cadenzas are accepted. I can definitely play a cadenza for a concerto, but I strongly prefer a piece with orchestra.

I don't know how long it will take me to learn your concerto. I will definitely focus on making the most out of this experience for you AND me.
Also, if I don't pick your concerto, I can still upload it to YouTube if you want! I can post a MIDI visualization like many of my other videos on the channel.

Let's make this event a good one!

Scatman's World, an arrangement for solo piano

Allo, I've recently (mostly) finished an arrangement of one of my most favorite songs, "Scatman's World".  If you've never heard of Scatman John, I recommend "Scatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop)" and my aforementioned favorite as and introduction to who he is.  I may never be satisfied with what I write, so I may update it now and then or list a version differing to the first or repetitive versions.

Request for Sponsorship for Piano & Music Students in South Africa

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Adonai Music Academy Community Development Programs
The mission for the music school is to host music classes as to teach and educate the students to know about the various instruments and subjects they do. 
For Winston, the mission with him is that he attends his music classes whilst supplying financial responsibilities too. He has to be educated on various music subjects, themselves, to help him with the knowledge he needs for his examinations that are to come.
The mission statement for Ndumiso and Nkululeko is that classes be scheduled for them; that they participate in a program that will lead them to knowledge of their grades they wish to achieve.
The music school itself has to provide materials to these students and tuition necessary for the specific grades they are to undertake. The financial responsibilities of the students have to be kept as well to provide an income for the educators to teach efficiently.
For the students , it is that they be educated about various instruments in music and the various disciplines in music itself like theory, music listening and appreciation
There is a vision that is sought to be achieved through this sponsorship. 
First with Winston, performance would be very vital to his record as he has two instruments. Performances at church too would also be an achievement with him. He has had some performances with the Adonai music Academy Annual concerts. Performances must be achieved as a method of proving tuition.
Being an accompanist too is a vision with the sponsorship. Accompaniment for choir and being part of an ensemble is an objective .
Teaching music to the community is another vision had on this student . This would be still an advantage to the community whilst still enhancing his knowledge on music by using various means of communication and teaching.
The vision for the two students ,NdumisoMokoena and NkululekoShoba  is also performances and at church too. To uplift the community would be excellent in their music careers and provide evidence of another means of expression for the youth.
Observation/Needs Analysis 
To support this Community Project donations as little as R20 or $1 can be made to the following accounts: 
1. Adonai Music Education Sponsorship fund (South African) for less privilege children: 
FNB Bank: Adonai Music Academy
                  Acc no. 62672563650
                  Branch Code:270224
2. Adonai Music Academy (International) Paypal account:">
The observation made by Adonai Music Academy is that the small town of Dundee is that there is a need of music development. There is talent that needs to be brought out into the public.
The efforts of most areas in Dundee to reach the music school are very much straining as the classes are held at a venue that is quite distant from the school. Transport and coming to the school eventually ends up being an expense as many students are under privilidged in having their own means of private transport
Music tuition is also an expense that many cannot afford. The public would do excellently at at this field of study if they would be financially equipped to do so.
The public itself, does not have an appreciation for the many genres of music available (for example Classical music). The community seems to be stranded on the very few popular genres in the area and appreciation of other genres would very much benefit them in terms of expression and artistic reference.
Financial responsibilities of the parents/gaurdians of the students cannot be made to completion because of the difficulties they face as people less fortunate to do so. Talent is ,again, present in the community but it cannot be expressed as there is not any tuition or training on how to express it in means that everyone can understand.
Please feel free to visit our Adonai Music Academy Facebook Page:
Other Videos: Adonai Music Concert 2019: Winston with his students
Winston Gomba Solo Piano Piece:
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