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Theme for a composition

Hello everyone. I love to play the piano and writing arrangements for it. So far, all of my scores have been arranged by me but not composed by me. I've just been remixing songs. I would like to try to compose my own song but I don't know what theme I should make this song. Should it be sad, adventurous, lively, jazzy, or playful? I don't know. Let me know what you think I should try. Thanks!

Hatsune Miku songs

in Piano

Everyone, can someone eather make a really challenging song( Hatsune Miku weekender girl) Or can someone comment teach me how to make sheet music, like, how to post a song...Well to the point, I need someone to make the Hatsune Miku song called weekender girl : ) Oh and that one guy who made Manoria cather...something, thank you SOOO much k I'm typing to much so I'm going to stop typing NOW