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Help find Kris Bowers's music sheets

in Piano

Hello everyone, I'm new to Musescore and am amazed by this community of artists helping each other ! Thank you for everything you are doing. 
Getting back to piano after a 15 year break ! 
I recently felt in love with this piece by Kris Bowers : What's stopping us, soundtrack to the great "Dear White People" :
Do you know where I could find the sheet to play it ? Or maybe one creative soul of the community could help me translate it ? 
Thank you ! 
Dorine (FR)

Vocal Music

Hey Everyone! I totally agree with the mission statement here. But I want to point out that vocal and choral music is different. I've started my own group, Vocal Music, to show off vocal solos rather than the choral music shown here. I'd love for any and everyone to join my group. I don't mean to steal anyone from this group, please stay here and contribute here, but I have a new group for vocal solos rather than choral music.

What if I would post this?

I'm currently working on two transcriptions for one hand (3 actually, but the third is paused currently):

1. Mazeppa (S.137)
2. Grande Valse Brilliante (Op. 34 no. 1)
3. Nocturne Op. Posthum in C-Minor

All these are pieces by famous composers transcribed for one hand...
Could I share those in this group?

Also, could I share my exact copies of the Douze Grandes Ètudes S. 137
(which I'm currently working on)?

Thx in advance,
Robin Pannenberg