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Ok, so I know that this is a marching band group and some of you are going to hate me for this, but I am legit desperate for help on a concert band arrangement.

I'm writing a piece for concert band (it's an eighth grade band, so the music isn't too complex). It's an arrangement of music from the album Adele 21.

We have 3 percussionists, and I only have 2 percussion parts written: xylophone and drumset (One of our percussionists has been playing drumset for a long time and I wanted to write a piece that could showcase that). I really need another percussion part, but as I've never played percussion, I am not exactly knowledgeable in this field. Does anyone have any tips for adding another percussion part in a concert band piece?

(Again, don't hate me for posting this on a marching band group)

Thanks :)

Questions about arranging

I am currently arranging some pop music. I have some questions for anyone that would be willing to help an amateur:
1. In pop music, sometimes artists embellish a little with vocals and etc. Is it better to use complex rhythms to come close to what the artist does, insert an simpler rhythm, or change it all together?
2. In giving out the melody parts, I don't really want to give it to the trumpets every time because they always get it, and the flutes are usually really hard to hear? What other options do I have that will actually sound good? I know that just about every instrument can play melody, but I also know that if not executed correctly it could be a disaster.
3. Does anyone have any suggestions for songs that I could do?

What is Your Style?

Man, I have got to be the worst admin in the world, going AWOL for months and months. Probably should put a few other admins on this page in the case of my absence.

But man, never thought this group would have more than 50 people in it. Next thing I know, there's over 100 people, then 200, and I'm like, wow.

But enough of that, I wanted to ask you all a question. I see quite a few Copy/Paste arrangements on this site, and I've always made it a point that whenever I make some kind of arrangement, I add my own little thing to it, a signature if you will. And it got me wondering if anyone else does that kind of thing.

Personally I love adding in chimes, bells, vibes, and any other metals I can add to make things spark a bit more. I also like to increase the speed of playing of several things I write, but I'll also slow things down quite a bit as well.

Is there any kind of style you all use? Or do you aim to keep things as close to the original as you can get?

Please Read if you are really serious about this.

Hello, my name is Alan Tedder and I am going to start a music business and I need some writers that are going to be serious about this and take time to write the best music of their minds and place it on the sheet. I am writing concert and marching band. I am making a website, which it will launce before ( I hope,) Christmas. The music will take a while to develop and as soon as our shows and pieces and other fun stuff come to place and promote my website and the sources, I believe we can have the best music out there! Please consider this, it would make a difference for me and my future as a composer.

Concert: Woodwind, Low Brass, and pit. I will write the percussion 1 and 2 parts for the music.
Marching: Woodwind, Pit, and Drumline. I will write the Low Brass, since I have crazy experience.

I hope some people and I can come together and write and make music as good as our ears can hear. I believe in hard work, and I want to make this thing a living habit, not just a another thing to do. Interested? Email me at for more information.