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MuseScore Viewing Online

Whenever I go to listen to scores online with my iPad or iPhone, the viewing is super buggy. Two examples are:

1. At a certain point in the piece, the playback will just stop, and won’t continue with the piece.
2. If I try to click on a different measure to listen to, it just goes back to the beginning and not to that measure.

Any help would be appreciated.

Pangolin love midi?

Hey there. I know that I'm new here but... I need to ask this:
Is there anyone who can recreate Pangolin love(A 2017 Valentine's day Google Doodle game.) music in midi?
Because I tried to do it, but I didn't get the right note while I was hearing the music.

Can someone who has pro or a piano professional to make the music?

If you don't know what this game is then here's the link to the game:

Richard Clayderman

in Piano

Hello friends! I heard a wonderful piece by Richard Clayderman the other day, and I would very much like to find a Midi Music file called For My Sweetheart or Lettre A Ma Mere, they seem to be the same, so I didn’t find such music here, I really would like somebody to do this, thank you so much

Tango for solo piano

in Piano

 When I was riding the usual train back home last Friday (15/03/2019), there was a beggar who came to a small group of children and started to tell them his whole life story, (probably to) exploit their innocence and kindness, as to squeeze out whatever candy money the kids would have had inside their jackets. The situation made me rather irritated. Finally,the beggar walked away after he had managed to get out whatever pocket money the children had to offer. The melody came to me all of a sudden, then, the rhythmic shaking and turnings of the train seemed to me like a tango. So, that is what I decided to write.

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