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How to de-beam grace notes?

in Piano


I have a problem: I am writing a new piece, and there is a part with a grace 16th note and a grace 8th note, connected to a half note. I am trying to de-beam the two grace notes. Does anybody have an answer? I have attached an image of the measure. 


Thank you! 


Short Piano Collection

 Hi y'alls,

    I started composing six years ago with Smule's 'Magic Piano' mobile app. Ever since I started using Musescore, I have only released a handfull of solo piano pieces and now that is going to start to change beginning with 'A Sudden Storm'. Through the rest of the summer I plan on releasing six to ten pieces like this one. They're supposed to be short and simple for people who want to learn how to play piano. I won't let this effect my working on large orchestral scores. Hope you enjoy!

'A Sudden Storm'

Lucas Nalley