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The summary of a set doesn't handle enter and space differently

Look for and it displays enter just like space while I wrote like this:

A quintet containing seven instruments! I can't help but this group of instruments convey exactly what I want to say.
This quintet is dedicated to those who have to live in cities and rush for all days but continuously pursuing freedom in their hearts.

Chromebook-Compatible MuseScore Editing Program! :D

I think it would be quintessential for Chromebook users to utilize the ability to create scores in addition to viewing. Sure, there's other online notation programs out there, such as and (I use NoteFlight), but MuseScore seems to possess the most flexible and advanced assets for creating scores and making them sound precisely how you want them to. I don't think any other online notation program even nears what MuseScore brings to the table in terms of versatility, features, and user-friendliness.

In addition, Chromebook users who want to get their music discovered or even published are out of luck, unless they want to create a discussion board on this website that contains a link to a score that they made on a different website. I did this myself, and because not everyone who uses this website is a member of that group, it's only stacked up 27 views so far at the time of writing this. This was also due to the fact that as people post more discussions in a group, your discussion will slowly descend down the list of discussions and will disappear into the deep, dark depths of M U S E S C O R E. My transcription of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Pentatonix was never seen or heard of ever again. ;~; Also, I personally think that NoteFlight is too slow and lags way too much and also lacks in features, and the same goes for (Yes, those are legitimately the only online notation programs I could find.)

So, MuseScore-creator-people-company-things? Think ya could set a bit of time aside and work on a Chromebook-compatible software for us poor Chromians? We're desperate. ;~; Help us. Please.

I'm serious.

We're begging you.


From yours truly (a weird 14-year-old autistic girl whose opinion is most likely irrelevant because she's 14),

Kylie Beam / ptx_fangirl ♥ —

A Bug. :/

I'm not sure if this is just the case with my computer (it's a Chromebook) or Chromebooks in particular, but in my case, for some people's scores, the audio will simply not play on the MuseScore website itself. It will show a play button and all the utilities in that top bar and everything, and when I go to click the play button, it simply will not respond and I am then forced to download an MP3 of the audio. Sorry if this is a bug that people commonly mention, I just wanted to get it out there just in case. ;)

And just a clarification: This isn't just for specific people's scores. It's not that every score created by a certain person will be unable to play. It's simply random. I'll be scrolling through the "browse" section, and I'll have been fine with the first ten scores I had viewed, and then I'll suddenly come across one that gives me zero access to the play button.

A Few New Features I'd love to See on

A Rating System: While I currently love the current system of favoriting scores you like I feel like it could be expanded upon. My suggestion is a rating system. There are many ways to go about implementing a rating system. A common system is the like and dislike system where users can rate a score based on whether they liked or disliked a certain score. Another good system is through stars. At anytime the listener can rate the score he/she is listening to 1-5 stars. Whatever rating the score receives can be seen outside the score on a dashboard or search page.

An Upvote System: This is a simple concepts that most if not all websites with comments have. You can either upvote or downvote any given comment based on either how helpful it was to you or how good good the comment was. This allows for hateful, spam, and unhelpful comments to be weeded out for more quality ones. To add to this you can give creators the option to feature/pin comments they really like on their scores. The featured comment will be shown at the top of the score's comment section until that comment is either removed or a new comment is featured.

A Featured Scores List: Once a rating system is in place you can create a list of scores located somewhere on the Dashboard that have been featured that week. They are either scores that have accumulated a high rating over the past week or they are scores that are hand picked by staff members or MuseScore users.

Tell me what you think of my suggested features and maybe suggest some of your own in the comment section below.

Musescore 3 local notation spaghetti

I've noticed while using Musescore 3 that sometimes it doesn't register a measure-marker/indicator/whatever it's called as having any width. This means that if there's any sharps/flats following directly afterwards, they just clash on top of the measure signature.

I write a lot in very changing measures which means that some of my sheets has become a complete mess... Now, it fixes when I upload it to here which is why you cant at all see it in my sheets here. If you want screenshots of the spaghetti happening to my rn, give me an email or something and I'll send them.

Hyperlinks in the notification feature are not working like they were + Dashboard issues

This has been going on for a couple weeks now, when the notification feature started out I could click on the hyperlink under the bell, and after clicking it redirected me to the exact comment of the notification. Recently comment notifications that are from a discussion with more than one page of comments do not lead to the comment, instead just the first page of the discussion. I don't know when this changed, but it is a huge nuisance to have to dig through a 9 page discussion in order to find a comment directed to myself. I wouldn't be complaining about this if my dashboard worked, but for weeks and weeks my dashboard has failed to show all the recent comments, only showing about 1 in 5 of every comment I get. it would be nice to see the hyperlinks redirect straight to the comment I am getting notified for, as it was earlier when the feature was new, and also I'd like to see my dashboard fixed again.

Also I have encountered these problems on Safari and Chrome on my Macbook pro and my windows, respectfully.

What is wrong with my email adress?

In a yellow bar it tells me: "It seems something's wrong with your email as we couldn't send you an important notification, update your email address."
What is this for B...? I don't want to change my email address nor my password for many reasons ( for the time beïng). Everybody else has no problem, so please just delete that message!!