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[New Feature] Email and desktop notifications and notifications settings

A few weeks ago we launched the Notifications system on We’ve been reading your positive feedback, and we’re glad you’re appreciating the new feature!

Today we’re delivering another update to the Notifications system, in three parts:

1. Notifications settings. Now you can configure what types of notifications you want to see. You can access your notifications settings from your Settings Menu or the Notification Panel. You can choose any kind of Notification and choose where you want to receive it: on the website, email or web pushes. 

2. Desktop Push Notifications. Now you can subscribe to receive Notifications via Desktop Push. It makes sure you don’t miss new notifications, even if you don’t have open.

3. Email Notifications. We will send you notifications once per hour ONLY if you don’t open the Notifications panel on the website. We'll launch Email Notifications in 2 days; but for now, simply use the readily available Notifications Settings.

Enjoy the new settings! I'm looking forward to seeing how this impacts your experience with the website.

Sleepytime for Phoebe

Scoring feedback/advice requested.
My first attempt at notating for guitar, therefore any constructive advice and feedback on this score from those who know a thing or two about the notation conventions for classical guitar would be great.   (My formal musical education comes from a wind-playing background, whereas all my guitar is self-taught).  Thanks daveneal already for demonstrating the guitar sim on this chart.

Revived Piece! 
This has been in the works for a painfully long time, but I finally bucked up and finished over the past two days, and I'm excited to share it with you all! I strongly suggest that you listen to the epilogue (around 3:03, measure 103), as it is a more refined copy of the first piece I ever wrote back in seventh grade. I'm so glad I was able to revive the old melody, harmony etc. since I've always loved it. FEEDBACK MUCH APPRECIATED!!!


Thanks to all the new members for joining our banana party. There seem to be quite a few 'banana' composers here at musescore, whether ithe music is about the fruit banana or banana fish or banana fairies or whatever or if the music is just plain banana silly. Post your music, tell your friends. I even heard that some higher up in the government was thinking of joining since they have lots of experience in being completely bananas.

CS:GO Inspired Song...

Yeah, this is self promotion. Please don't hate me. 😣 (Before you do that, delete this please hehe).

I make music... (I'm an aspiring music producer/vocalist), and am trying to, well, get my music heard.

But since this is a gamer group, I suppose it would be fine to post this.

This song was inspired by Counter Strike Global Offensive (not sure if anyone plays it here, haven't seen anything about it). 'Tis a FPS game. Anyhow, here's the link!

Please feel free to give feedback, it would be gladly accepted. :)

I've moved to Muse 3 at last at last---halleluja!

I've moved to Muse 3 - installed it on my home workstation tonight and it successfully saved and opened new scores - and it successfully opened and saved old scores - halleljua!

Relevant background - until now my new travel workstation could run Muse 3 and open / save files but NOT my old home workstation (yes I posted the issue---twicefold through two Muse 3 versions---but now...whatever this patch is...*sniff*...wipes eyes--- it works! : )

In honor of this I am at last at last upgrading to... dare I say it... Pro *checks wallet* yep : )

seriously... no kappa... am glad I can do this

cheers to the devs!

DM Dokuro VS Charlie Debnam (read description)

So, if any of you play terraria, you should probably know that there are some neat mods out there.  Even better though?  The soundtracks.  The Music.
So, I was wondering, since some people have been comparing Charlie Debnam (a great composer) to DM Dokuro (also a great composer), I wanted to see which one you guys think is better.  So, I selected a song from each one that had a similar theme, and put the links below.
If you vote Charlie Debnam, say CD.
If you vote DM Dokuro, say DD.
Make sure you listen to each track, but be sure you have time, because both are about 10-12 minutes.
Charlie Debnam
DM Dokuro

Game for Markiplier

I'm thinking about making a game for my favorite YouTuber, Markiplier. It's going to be an RPG sort of thing. If anyone wants to help or make some scores for it, that'd be fantastic. You will get credit, and if I make it monetary, you'll get a portion of the funds. If you want to help, comment or dm.