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My scores aren't updating correctly...or at all.

I just finished some major edits in two of my scores, and now musescore won't let me choose the file to replace it with in the edits page, and when I click "save", a random plank page opens that says, "{"result":"ok","info":{"url":"/user/27321385/scores/5666087"}}". Nothing else happens. Is this a bug that found it's way in because of the new feature added earlier, or is this a part of the new feature that is supposed to happen? I need help.

What Do You Notice About Vivaldi’s Concerto “Il Grosso Mogul”?

It’s a strange concerto. I have already made a list in the piece’s transcription of “noteable characteristics”. If anyone has anything to add, I guess you could suggest something here or in the comments. Harmony, melody, rhythm, and anything else—I just want to know as much as possible about this intriguing piece!

(Please use the YouTube playback! Click on the mixer and change “MuseScore audio” to “YouTube playback”. I think you need to be on a computer and not a phone for this.)

@Caters I’ve seen your own transcriptions and thought you might be interested!

Stuck in my harmonic analysis, need some help

So everything went fine in my harmonic analysis of Rondo a Capriccio. That is, until I reached bar 281 in my score. I know that there are 4 sequences in a row. And I know that during these 4 sequences, it modulates from G major to Ab major.

Sequence 1:
Bars 281-288
Trill sequence

Right hand

Scale step down, Scale step up, Scale step down, Third down

Left hand
Same as or inverted relative to the right hand(it changes and about half of it doesn't include the third but instead has a rest)

Sequence 2:
Bars 289-292
Scale sequence

Right hand
3 scale steps down(4 sixteenths), third up

Left hand
Step up, third down

Sequence 3
Bars 293-303
Chromatic diminished 7th sequence

Right hand
Diminished 7th Alberti bass for 2 bars, going up 1 half step per bar, Major scale on second half step, skip of a third between lower note of second and third diminished seventh 

Left hand
Minor third, minor third up a half step, single note up a half step, skip of a third between single note and next minor third

Sequence 4
Bars 304-312
Dominant sequence
C minor chord breaks it off from the previous sequence

Right hand
Minor third above the octave in the first bar, skip by a third to the next 3 bars, all of it Alberti bass except the scale in the last 2 bars

Left hand
Octave in first bar, Major third in second bar with bass note up a fourth, Bass note up a half step in third bar, Bass note down a half step in the fourth bar

I'm not sure how to analyze all these sequences except the last one, the dominant sequence. Could somebody help me with this part of my harmonic analysis? Here is the link to the score:

No response to my chromatic trill suggestion?

I know this isn't directly related to, it has to do with the software. So I posted it in the feature request section of expecting a response. But I got no response. So I was wondering if you wanted to look at this:

It has been more than 2 weeks and still no response. That isn't typical for to just not respond to my posts at all for 2 weeks. I'm just posting it here, hoping to get more traffic towards the post on Just to clarify, I'm wanting the feedback comments on the post. This one is just to get traffic towards my post on

MS2 or MS3?

Hello all,

I'm curious as to how many people on this site have transitioned to MuseScore 3.x.x and how many still primarily use MuseScore 2.x.x (I assume 2.3.x, depending on when people last updated), since all MS3 versions are not backwards compatible with MS2 (you can use them to open/read/edit files from older version of MuseScore, but you can't open an MS3 file with any MS2 builds as far as I am aware).