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Musescore and Songbook Apps

I've been using the 'old' Songbook App issued before Musescore3 became available on my Android phone and it has worked fine for a long time and still does.  Since installing Musescore 3 and using it's asssociated Musescore App, my online scores can be seen but when I select one to view, it seems to load but when I hit the slider mixing icon, the app stops.  It happens on all my scores when using the Musescore App.
I've tried saving all my .mscz files online using Musescore 3  but to no avail - it still happens.  The old Songbook App is still working.  I'm reluctant to uninstall the old Songbook App in case nothing works.  Any ideas?

Please please fix the play bar on Mobile

I've brought this up weeks ago but it seems lost. I really feel that the mobile web version has some serious inconvenience after the play bar has been changed:

1. It does not display time at all! I cannot make specific comments to some scores or follow directions like "skip to 5:03 for new sections". This is really really annoying. If you don't believe me, visit this page in a phone and try to follow the direction:

2. The progress bar is too thin to touch. It's just almost impossible to navigate without accidentally touching the score above or buttons below. I know it looks sleek and nice, but it hurts usability.

Please do test these out and consider improving it. Thank you. (hiding as new username)

The troll is back:

I would suggest implementing ways on this site to block VPN users.
This link gives a couple of ways we can determine vpn users. You could then block any user who attempts to log in while still using a VPN. This would mean they would have to completely change their IP address each time you all IP banned them, which means they have to do more work, which means since they are already trolling people they might give up cause their too lazy. 


EDIT: NOw he changed hsi name to:

Crashed and Lost Score

I don't know if this is the software or my computer and my habits, but I tend to keep very large scores open as I'm writing to reference ideas made on other pieces. For example: had to compose a piece for philharmonic orchestra, and am currently scaling that down to a woodwind quartet. This involves me cutting/copying and pasting and moving around both scores quite a bit. Musescore will, at the least, start to slow down and at the worst I've been in the middle of working and the app will shut down and I lose all progress. My main problem is I just lost a score I need by tomorrow morning because it crashed while I was working on it, and now that piece won't open. It keeps saying it's unreadable. Is there any way I can recover it?