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New to Sax

So about 100 hours in and going for my grade 1, looking for small tunes tunes to learn sort of busking music... so can play summertime and amazing grace. I like stuff with some long notes in, struggling as I no music knowledge so proving difficult.

TIA - Andy

Problems uploading scores

I've been meaning to upload a private version of a score, but it gets stuck on the processing page endlessly. When I delete the upload and try to start over, the same thing happens. The page will constantly update, like it acts like it's about to load the score, but then it doesn't. This happens even when I try to upload the score publicly.

Please help!

Reached composers block

So, you know how I have been working on the 50 follower special composition right? Well, I am 2/3 of the way through it and even include a short bit of canon in the composition. But after this canonic moment, I can't seem to make further progress. I know that I want to go back to G major by means of a plagal cadence(which would require me to substitute C major for C#°) and that I want to end the piece with a plagal cadence.

I have been having this composers block for about a week now. I usually embrace it and just move on to composing something else, but this is a 50 follower special composition that I have been working on.

A question about copyright for original works on

With all the discussion regarding copyright on musescore lately, I would like to know more about the searching and listing regarding copyright -- specifically, why in the sheet music listing on a user's profile are scores marked as All Rights Reserved still searchable under "To use commercially" and "To share".  Shouldn't these most restricted copyright scores be listed only under "For personal use"?

Issue with score processing

My piece:

Has been "processing" for more than 10 minutes despite only being 2 minutes in length and for 1 instrument.
When I first uploaded it, everything worked fine, but when I went back to add a measure and then re-upload it, it has been processing ever since I saved it online.

Is there anything I can do to fix this, or is it something on musescore's end?

MuseScore 3 misplaces MuseScore 2 lyrics in Continuous View

When importing MuseScore 2 scores with lyrics, MuseScore 3 misaligns the lyrics in Continuous View. This problem was noted many months ago but has not been addressed in the current version, Page View and Single Page View lyrics show correctly, but Continuous View lyrics often overprint the staves below.
This does not happen if the score is created in MuseScore 3, only for scores imported from earlier version.
Since there are thousands of MuseScore 2 and even MuseScore 1 scores, when will this bug be fixed?

OS: macOS 10.14, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: github-musescore-musescore-d2d863f

Email registered as spam and Refund

I have been falsely billed $49.99 two times ($100 in total) on the 30th of June and the 2nd of July. After I attempted to email Musescore Support about this issue, my message was classified as spam and as a result, it was rejected. By the way, before I tried emailing Support, I had already notified them and Google Pay about the first $49.99 payment.

Is there any other way I can contact support? All replies will be very much appreciated!

(I could not contact Google Pay about the 2nd bill [on July 2] because the payment was only billed to my bank account [the first payment on June 30 was received on Google Pay] )

Musescore App sucks?

I recently downloaded (and subsequently deleted) the musescore app and here are some of my thoughts:

1. Instrument sounds are waaay worse. I only listened to a couple sax scores and they sounded much more MIDI and computer-like than on the website. I don't understand what drew musescore to not just carry over the same sound(s), why make whole new (worse) ones? What's up with that?
2. Moving around within a piece controls horribly. In the website, you can simply click/tap on a different measure and it'll play from there instead. As far as I could tell that was impossible in the app (Granted, there is the issue of changing pages in the website which is completely broken but whatever)
3. You can't view number/people who have favorited a score. I tried favoriting the piece too and it didn't show me anything, not how many other people had done the same, nor did I see any option to see who had favorited it like I can do on the website. Comments worked just fine, on the other hand.

Suggestions for improvements in Sets

I have noticed that the layout of sets have been changed and it looks much better (especially on desktop) now. It's the same look and feel as the scores displayed on the "Profile" or "Sheet Music" pages. Kudos to the designers and developers for this. 

With that in mind here are some suggestions for improvement in sets (you'll notice some old and already mentioned here and hopefully some new)

1. Friendly URLs for Pro users. 

If we can have something like
we should also be to have something like
rather than

2. Move the "INFO" section from the right margin to the left one (on desktop) / from the bottom margin to the top on mobile

That would be more in line what we have on (for example) "Sheet Music" tab and more users would actually read the description of sets - motivating set creators to add the description in the first place. 

3. Redesign "Sets" page

The sets page looks like nothing else on the site.
It would be better as it had a similar layout as the redesigned "specific set" page. Either allow users to upload cover page for the set or auto-generate one based on its title (and possible description).

4. Give set creators freedom to set a specific order of sets on the main sets page

Currently the order is selectable from a drop down box (by date or alphabetically). I feel the set creator should have a freedom to set up their specific order just as they can set up order of scores inside a set. 

5. Allow creation of set consisting of other MuseScorer's uploads

One can do that on YouTube, SoundCloud and similar sites. An examples of these set would be "Arrangements of My Works by Fellow Musescorers" or "Piano Sonatas by Fellow Musescorers I Really Love" (titles for illustration purposes only). In this way, in addition to Uploaders, Commenters/Critics, Passive Bystannders, would could also have a useful category of users: Curators. 

6. Allow favoring and commenting on sets'

This would make sets first class citizens here and make the entire site more uniform. 

Now, I do understand that team has its own priorities and add stories to their board based on their complexity and perceived business values, so this is not a request but just some ideas for considerations.