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Piano Roll Youtube Export is ready for testing!


Today, we've released a new feature for the beta testing. Now you can export your videos to youtube in the new piano roll format
This feature is available only for scores not longer than 6 minutes.

We’ll be happy to receive feedback from you.

To export your video, click on “Export to youtube” button in the score menu and choose “Piano Roll” as the score type.

At the moment export takes an average of 30-50 minutes (we are working on optimization).

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A statistical ode to BSG

I have been curious about some basic statistics on this community for a while, like at least let me sort the scores in this group by views, comments or favorites! But also, how many comments are there, by whom, who is most favored, what are some popular pieces from years ago? So with disregard for my own safety I downloaded all scores in this group (just the plain html page, no music of any kind) and did some counting!

Fun story before we get to the numbers. I did a back of the envelope calculation on how much I would torture the musescore servers, and it's about 4000 requests totalling about 150MB, this is also known in professional circles as not-a-lot™ but after downloading the data musescore IP blocked me. I'm now posting this over a VPN.

Counterpoint & Fugue has 2227 scores posted by 193 users, those that post most works in Counterpoint & Fugue:
627 verits99
260 BSG
151 Clarin Pardo
113 dmanzana
 79 schoutens
 63 Roland Bouman
 56 Simon Lecaulle
 51 Arthur Stammet
 40 bump
 39 Riccardo Collu
 33 timothyser2
 32 SDG
 28 boblucassen
 27 Darius237
 25 H. Gürtler

Verits99 has so many as he posted a massive amount of works by Bach, thank you Verits. BSG is more quality over quantity but is a clear runner up. But this is only the start of this stories ode to BSG. It's interesting to see how this list shifts as we count total favorites, which correlates with scores but is not like it:

1677 verits99        2.67 favs/score
1628 BSG             6.26 favs/score
 753 Clarin Pardo    4.99 favs/score
 344 schoutens       4.35 favs/score
 253 Roland Bouman   4.02 favs/score
 237 Riccardo Collu  6.08 favs/score
 173 timothyser2     5.24 favs/score
 152 SDG             4.75 favs/score
 144 H. H. Maung     12.00 favs/score
 138 Arthur Stammet  2.71 favs/score
 129 Ruslan Denshaev 6.45 favs/score
 106 Simon Lecaulle  1.89 favs/score
 106 michaelcbro     5.05 favs/score
  99 dmanzana        0.88 favs/score

Additionally there are 6634 comments by 187 users:
2827 BSG
 447 Clarin Pardo
 221 schoutens
 212 dmanzana
 194 verits99
 183 thementalhandle
 169 boblucassen
 151 cadams
 131 SDG
 121 penne vodka
BSG is clearly a very important part of this community, but to put his impact into real perspective we need to look at the word count:
114,362 BSG
 10,712 boblucassen
  8,168 Clarin Pardo
  6,392 schoutens
  5,915 SDG
  5,798 penne vodka
  5,722 verits99
  5,093 cadams
  3,098 dmanzana
  3,068 thementalhandle
Staggering... that's literally a books worth & more words than all other commenters combined by a wide margin (53966 words) and this does not even count his tutorials and essays. Also, I never realized I talk so much, I hope you guys don't mind.

Now I also want to make a list of 'good' scores in C&F, we can simply look by favourites but I think we should weigh the importance of those favourites as some are worth more than others. Let's say that a user is valued when many of his scores have favorites by other valued users, I realize that this sounds a little incestious but it works perfectly well ;).

Here are some people who's works are liked by well-liked people, the 'score' is a is relative measure
12 BSG
11 cadams
10 Riccardo Collu
10 timothyser2
7 schoutens
7 Roland Bouman
7 Tonsetzer
6 MC_M4hl0r
5 H. H. Maung
5 Clarin Pardo
4 boblucassen

And now we can list all scores in Counterpoint & Fugue by this metric,  and find some works that perhaps we forgot about. I tried to filter out Bach's works and those would dominate so if I accidentally removed an original composition I apologize.

Now of the first 10 works 8 are by BSG so to make the list a bit more varied, here are first 10 works by BSG ordered by the above metric, and then we'll follow with the non-BSG list
BSG                  Fuga (di BSG 19.03.15), at Hauptwerk/Grabowski Giubiasco
BSG                  Fuga 05-15-2018 (di BSG)
BSG                  Il Contrappunto Barocco, il secondo libro (Ch. V-VI) (attempted BSG “book” inprogress)
BSG                  Cembalo-Konzert d moll, I, Allegro (di BSG, 1999-2000)
BSG                  Tutorial: Linear Targeted Motion (BSG 2019)
BSG                  3 Kings per canonem (di BSG 2018) (re-recorded on Hauptwerk/Sonus Doesburg)
BSG                  So ist mein Jesus nun gebunden (Aria di BSG, 1981)
BSG                  Canon ad nonam super ‘Lamento’ (di BSG 2016)
BSG                  Cembalo-Konzert d moll, II, Siciliano (di BSG, 2001)(new in MS3 with someartic. fixups)
BSG                  Pièce d'Orgue (di BSG, 2017) (performed on Sonus Paradisi Doesburg)

And the rest of us! I left it at one piece per composer.
Tonsetzer            (Triple) Fugue a 4 voc. in f minor
timothyser2          Arie - "O Tochter Zion, freue dich!"
Niilo Korsulainen    Symphony No. 2 D major Op. 24
piotr.a              Prelude and fugue in G major
cadams               Concerto for Viola Mvt 4
H. H. Maung          Six Fugues
atmaninov            prelude & fugue in C minor
Riccardo Collu       Variations on Haendel's Passacaglia for Wind Quartet
MC_M4hl0r            Chorale Prelude on "Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten"
Eleazart 2           Fugetta en D menor para piano
el-russo             Fugue D moll
schoutens            Suite in D minor for Oboe and Piano (Opus 29)
Joost-k              Prelude & Fuga à3 (for guitar solo)
waszil               Trio Sonata Op. 1. No. 3
mw119                Sonata in D flat major Op 7 No 1
Clarin Pardo         Schumann: Studien für den Pedalflügel, Sechs Stücke in kanonischer Form, Op.56/1
David L Dinh         Poor People of Paris (piano arr.)
Roland Bouman        Flows - for reed quintet
Timon de Nood        Flute Sonatina in A major
boblucassen          Fugue in G minor

Don't read too much into this (apart from the BSG bit), I'm just playing around and there are some problems, like being unable to correct for the beneficial effect of posting in many groups, or correcting properly for posting many works but I still had fun and hope you enjoyed getting some insight into our community.

Downloads, and feedback

 I recently got Muse-score Pro, and noticed it told you how many people downloaded your music. I find this odd, because the number of downloads is almost triple the size of any of my comments or favorites. I think it would be cool if someone added a comment bar option to pop up when someone downloaded your music. Thank you!!