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Would appreciate some help finding classical piano piece

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I remember playing this piece as a child. It was definitely a waltz, although I don't really know who may be the composer or what the name of the piece.
I hummed this piece and made an approximate sheet for its beginning. Please, take a look here:
This was made using a virtual piano so I just made a rough representation of the melody. I may be not fully correct but the general tune should be the same. Please take into a consideration that I couldn't draw bars where it is appropriate to do so and that sharp note doesn't stay sharp until natural sign (becarre) is applied (this program is really simple so it doesn't have natural signs). For example if there are C# and then C immediately after it then this second C is a natural (flat) C and not a sharp C.
I would greatly appreciate if somebody recognizes this melody (I'm sure this is a waltz) and helps me to find its name and composer.

Fantasia in F "River Fantasia" FINISHED, Feedback appreciated

I finished writing this fantasia about 2 months ago. However, for a while, I didn't reupload it due to the restriction on # of uploads for free accounts and the fact that my composition rate is at the highest it has ever been in terms of ideas. Once that restriction was lifted, I was thinking of reuploading some of my scores. This is definitely one of those that was going to be reuploaded. In fact, I reuploaded it yesterday. Here is the link if you want to look and listen to it and maybe give me some feedback on it.

I would appreciate getting feedback on this piece, but if you don't feel like you want to give feedback, I'm not being pushy about it.  

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Piano Battles!

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