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Biography [1] Jaybird1

welcome everyone to the first biography. I was going to wait two weeks to post this one, but I decided to post it earlier. if you would like one on you just PM me. ok here we go.

          for this first Biography I interviewed Jaybird1. From what I have found out about him. HE IS NOT A BIRD. Sorry to all @Jaybird1 followers. I know this comes as a devastating blow. He does love to watch birds though.
          Now to the more serious side. I asked him why he think he has so many followers and he revealed this: he is a Zelda fan and according to him people love that. he also thinks its because people like him.:][ a lot of people must like, 277 to be exact.] When I asked him if he considers himself successful he skirted around the question by saying" it depends what you meant by successful, I am successful and the things I love, though I procrastinate. I would say I am successful in music. I catch on things pretty quick and I love learning." [paraphrased] His most active follower is...….@lizzapie. Congrats to her.
          on another note, he does not follow you because he likes you, but because he likes you music. Cool Fact for you: he practices on the piano at least 3 hours day. His favorite person on musescore is his 'twin' [if you know tell me] 
         He also gotten to meet the lead guitarist of Maroon 5 and the guy gave him his pick. besides music this guy loves Babies and Coins. [interesting combination] and also his brother [his BF,[those are his words] I found this interesting, he wants to visit Prague, Czech Republic, and Bratislava Slovakia.  

I hope you have enjoyed this first edition of Biographies if you want to see more Join Musescore News and Biographies. 

here is the interview.
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 1.what do you think [your personal opinion] makes people follow you?

Hmm... it depends. There are a lot of people that follow me with Zelda names, and profile pics, so I definitely attract that crowd...xD
But I’d say that the other people follow me because they either know, and have talked to me, or they like me in general. Idk haha!

2. do you consider yourself a successful person?

Depends on what you mean by ‘successful’. xD
I’d say that I’m successful at doing the things I love, though I procrastinate a lot. I’d say I’m very successful at music. I catch on things pretty quick, and love learning.

3. Who are your most active followers?

Statistically, I think it’s Lizzapie. But I have a few other more well known users in my followings.

4. what makes you follow other people [in other words
do you have a checklist]?

I don’t have a particular checklist. Usually I follow someone if I really enjoy their music and I want to see their future scores.
There are extremely rare occasions though that I will follow someone for no musical reason. If I know someone and I like them a lot, I might follow them. It’s pretty rare though.

5. what [in short form] was you starting point in becoming one musescore's top users?

Nothing really. I’m just active in the community, and those comments build up.

6. who are you first and last followers?

My first follower was Pimplup, and my last follower is currently Kat3937

7. how did you become successful?

At MuseScore? There was a point where I was posting a lot of scores pretty constantly. That helped, and then I got more engaged with the community, and that definitely helped.
And if we are talking about music, then I become successful from having such a love for my piano, that I’d practice 3 hours every day just because I enjoy it.

8. who is you favorite person on musescore?

I’ll give you a hint: Some people call him my “twin”. xD

9. just one fun fact about yourself that most people don't know.

I’m not actually a bird. xD

I got to meet the lead guitarist for Maroon 5, and he gave me his guitar pick.

10. what other hobbies do you have besides music?

I’m a coin collector. I have some rare ones too that are pretty cool. If you love talking about coins, I’m your guy. :D
I also love bird watching, and I love going on walks.
I like video games (I LOVE them when I get to play with friends and family. :D)
I love babies, and I love studying, and learning new things about them. From the time at conception, all the way until they are 5 or whatever. :D
I also love car rides as weird as that sounds.
And lastly, My brother. He’s my BF, and we’ve done so many fun things. We have some amazing stories lol. He’s on a mission right now. 438 days to go! :D

11. what is your dream place to visit?

Prague Czech Republic, and Bratislava Slovakia. :D