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Will 2020 be dedicated to a new world order? New administrator and its rules! (here is really need to criticize :))))

Hello, composers and those who consider themselves to be them. From now on, I'm your moderator. I put forward this post myself just to help my colleagues continue to develop their creativity, even if this is not the case :)
Here are some criteria by which I will delete messages (items are arranged in descending order)
1. spam, flood and offtop.
Know where you are.
2. Duplicate your posts with a difference in pages without changing the content.
We are not blind.
3. "brevity" or meaningless posts
In General, it was necessary to put on the first line! Create a post to condemn your creations, write at least what you created
How not to do it:
Waiting for criticism, (link to the page), thank you
How? Think for yourself
4. Marry yourself when there's no reason to be crowned. (what did I  say??? :)))))))))
Simply put, do not whine, do not complain, do not create such a gloomy atmosphere. Not working? Teach. (this is about composers)
5.  Be more literate! Illiterate posts are deleted.
6. If there is a link in the post that is key in the broken post, the post is deleted after about 24 hours

Where to buy piano scores

in Piano

Does anyone here know of a place to purchase inexpensive piano scores?

Currently, I'm looking for a Boosey and Hawkes Prokofiev Piano Sonatas Volume 1 (which costs $52 on Used condition is fine with me if the score is still in reasonable shape. I searched eBay, but nothing came up.

Why did you start piano?

in Piano

I was in some kind of hospital,
where I was suddenly starting to play the piano,
I started as early as possible and played up to 7 hrs until it was time for dinner, when my parents came to take me home, I showed them some kind of melody 
(I think it was with both hands, but I wouldn't know surely anymore)
They where speechless (because I've never touched a piano in over 12yrs!)
and sent me to a private piano teacher, where I take lessons till today (4 yrs later) and I'm now already playing some pieces by Alkan, Liszt and, well "Hanon" XD.