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Hi everyone I’m oli_pro

in Piano

Hi guys 

im a new member of this group 
I’m grade 4-6 in piano 
in cello I can join in a grade 6-8 Orchestra!!!!
so I just think about my own version only a little bit of edit, and is by a guy maybe in this group. To the guy that make the song called (the spectre)
so I will make the score about 2020-2021.
my version will be a little bit of rock style because I have a band and we have a drum kit 
i'm only 9 years old
the drummer is 9 as well
so plz if u are the one that made the spectre plz reply and show your email so we can hangout and make together an rock style version 
I already made 5 or  more my own songs but have not post yet
it only for grade 2-3...
so plz if u are reply it and show your email.
and also I got distinction on grade 5 theory!!!!
is 91 point out of 100!!!!
good ya!!

c ya

from : oli_pro

p.s  can someone be my buddy on hangouts that is as same grade as me??? Is 4 or more!!! Need to be a PRO

Piano Partner 2 - Android 9.0

in Piano

I just bought a Roland RP102 and when I try to use Piano Partner 2 it connects to my piano, but it crashes and comes up with an error message (Data acquisition has failed [E003]).
Does anyone know how to fix this? Any help would be great! I'm stuck with it for two days now, have already tried following the manual several times and nothing!
I'm using and Android 9.0 phone...

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in Piano

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