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"Zombie" score-pages ...

How do these happen - ?  Found among regular Search results; also still displayed among current user's Favorites ... since they have no User ID shown, it looks like another symptom of the failure of 'Delete Account' to complete properly :
Also having trouble copying and pasting the above links into here without them getting truncated ... ;-)

Emotion Prompt #5

5. Terror - "intense, sharp fear or anxiety."

Things to Consider:
Think of a time when you were terrified. How did that feel? How can you incorporate that into the music?
How did your body and mind react to being terrified? Did your heart or your mind start racing? Did your breathing quicken? Did you start shaking? Is there any way you can portray this through rhythm and tempo?
Please use the description of the piece to explain how you chose to portray terror, so I can judge how accurate the music is in relation.

Required Tags: MusiComp Prompts, MCP Week #5, MCP Emotion Prompt #5

Emotion Prompt #5 Judging Deadline: August 22, 2018 [only one week this time, guys!]

Comment questions and submissions below! Good luck! :)

Missing Sheet Music

OK, long story short on my old computer is where I made all of my other sheet music every thing worked fine. I used to have a pro account but it ran out as of this month and I'm fine with that. But now almost half of the sheet music I had on my page now are missing and only have broken links. I cannot recover any of the ones I have made because when I try the page tells me that there was an error and it is missing. I tried looking it up on my phone browser and the same thing happened. So I went back and make all but two of my scores private in hopes that would fix the problem. It didn't and now my account is stuck saying that I have reached my score limit due to the fact that I'm not pro any more even though I only have two that are public and only one shows up when I search for my self to see and the only one that comes up is one that doesn't even work. I'm at a loss of what to do... and it's quite upsetting. 

Make a "Play button" bigger

I've noticed in my stats that a lot of people only open the scores and take a look at them without using the "play" function. 

I put myself as a simple guy (who doesn't know Musescore at all) who visits the website after typing on Internet for example "Orchestral score for Avatar". Then he opens the first score and looks at it. 
I think that the "Play" button is too small or lacks of visibility. Therefore people don't listen to the music whereas they could. 
Maybe that if it was in a bright color or bigger, or in another place on the page like in the center of the score when you open should be much better or efficient. 

Let me know what you think about it.

Statistics error

I noticed on one of my score the statistics says:

SO FAR TODAY                             YESTERDAY                                      ALL TIME
          80                                                  118                                                45934
          11                                                   20                                                 45934
          38                                                   53                                                 45934

My number of views, plays, and downloads are NOT equal. I also checked on another and it was the same way. Why is this?

Datei in musescore öffnen

seit ich eine muse score datei auf den schreibtisch verschoben habe, öffnet sich unter " öffnen" nicht mehr musescore und meine gespeicherten dateien, sondern der " schreibtisch", obwohl ich die daraufliegenden Dateien wieder gelöscht habe. ich muss nun programm-musescore- partitur anklicken um zugriff zu meinen dateien zu bekommen. Wie komme ich wieder direkt, also unter "öffnen"  zu meinen musescore dateien? 

Can we get some more cymbal sounds?

I am a percussionist who loves to write percussion parts, but there is a issue that bugged me for a very long time - there are only few cymbal sounds/notations. 

I believe that one way that an arranger could make the music lively is through usage of various cymbals. However, Musescore is stuck with only few cymbal sounds and they are extremely basic (splash, crash, china, HH, hand crash). My suggestion is that more cymbals should be added through MDL. Marching art is one of the fields of music that uses heaps of cymbals, and MDL is a great chance to elaborate on Musescore's depressing number of cymbals.

Here are some of my suggestions:
- Cymbal chokes
- Swish knocker (sizzle)
- Stack
- Cymbal rolls + gong roll
- Zil-bel, bell plate, ect.
- More splash (china, trashformer, ect.)

Adding these cymbals will definitely make the marching band/DCI arrangement very lively and  interesting to listen to.

Stop time in playback possible?

I'm trying to arrange a section with stop time. Print is fine as I just use staff text. That doesn't effect playback though.

I can approximate it in playback by selecting the entire section and adding staccato to all the notes. It's close enough that I can live with it, but then I need separate files, one for print and one for playback

I've searched the handbook, tried the inspector with everything I can think of currently. I can live with the workaround, I'd rather do it right, if it's possible.

Plagiarism Plague

I think as the MuseScore community grows, it is time to seriously think about how to prevent plagiarism, otherwise victims of plagiarism could easily feel extremely frustrated and leave.
My suggestion is that MuseScore the software should support an additional file format that is non-selectable/copyable and non-save-as-able (playable only, or optionally printable). At least composers who choose to reserve all rights for their original work should be able to block users from downloading the raw mcsz file and allow only this read-only format.
I know MuseScore is open source and there is no way to completely prevent copying, but preventing simple download-and-reupload would be the least you guys could do and I can't think of any reason against this. If a user explicitly chooses to reserve all rights, no open access to the editable raw file can be justified.
Please put some thoughts on this. There are certainly a lot of other issues but plagiarism (especially download-and-reupload) can be deadly.

Announcement: billing and Pro update

Hi there,

Next step of update new engine for is finished (you can find roadmap here: Today we updated billing for So, what's new?
In addition to the many technical improvements that have appeared in the new billing, it is worth mentioning those that are visible to users.

1. Now we started supporting gifts for PayPal subscribers. As you know there is an opportunity on the site to give a month of access to Pro. If you grant access to a user who already has a subscription, then his next payment is reset. Unfortunately, in the old billing the gifts didn't work for PayPal subscribers. In the new billing, we solved this problem and the gifts also work for the PayPal subscribers too (and all the old unused gifts will be applied).

2. Now our billing supports mobile platforms - iOS and Android. You can subscribe to MuseScore Pro on your Android phone and get full access to Pro on site (and vs versa). Just check the new mobile app - New iOS app will be available in Ap Store in next weeks (need to pass Apple team check).

If you find something wrong with new billing, please report here, I'm always happy to help and fix everything as soon as possible.